cached_ik_kinematics_plugin Namespace Reference


class  CachedIKKinematicsPlugin
class  CachedMultiTipIKKinematicsPlugin
class  GreedyKCenters
 An instance of this class can be used to greedily select a given number of representatives from a set of data points that are all far apart from each other. More...
class  IKCache
 A cache of inverse kinematic solutions. More...
class  IKCacheMap
class  NearestNeighbors
 Abstract representation of a container that can perform nearest neighbors queries. More...
class  NearestNeighborsGNAT
 Geometric Near-neighbor Access Tree (GNAT), a data structure for nearest neighbor search. More...

Author(s): Dave Coleman , Ioan Sucan , Sachin Chitta
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