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 Cifopt::BoundsUpper and lower bound for optimization variables and constraints
 Cifopt::ComponentInterface representing either Variable, Cost or Constraint
 Cifopt::CompositeA collection of components which is treated as another Component
 Cifopt::ConstraintSetA container holding a set of related constraints
 Cifopt::CostTermA container holding a single cost term
 Cifopt::VariableSetA container holding a set of related optimization variables
 Cifopt::ProblemA generic optimization problem with variables, costs and constraints
 Cifopt::SnoptAdapterSolves the optimization problem with SNOPT version 7.5 and below
 Cifopt::SolverSolver interface implemented by IPOPT and SNOPT
 Cifopt::IpoptSolverAn interface to IPOPT, fully hiding its implementation
 Cifopt::SnoptSolverAn interface to SNOPT, fully hiding its implementation
 CIpopt::IpoptAdapterSolves the optimization problem using the IPOPT solver

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