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references.hpp File Reference

Defines a reference wrapper for c++ objects. More...

#include <ecl/mpl/bool.hpp>
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class  ecl::is_reference_wrapper< T >
 Default action for detection of the reference wrapper type trait (false). More...
class  ecl::is_reference_wrapper< ReferenceWrapper< T > >
 Configures the reference wrapper type trait for the ReferenceWrapper specialisation to true. More...
class  ecl::ReferenceWrapper< T >
 Provides a wrapper which allows the original object to be passed like a reference. More...


 Embedded control libraries.


template<typename T >
T * ecl::addressOf (T &v)
 Returns the address of an object (uses correct c++ syntactics). More...
template<typename T >
ReferenceWrapper< T const > ecl::cref (T const &wrapped_object)
template<typename T >
ReferenceWrapper< T > ecl::ref (T &wrapped_object)

Detailed Description

Defines a reference wrapper for c++ objects.

Reference wrappers are soon coming to c++, these definitions will work until that time.

July 2009

Definition in file references.hpp.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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