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flags.hpp File Reference
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class  ecl::Flags< Enum >
 Convenience class for organising boolean flags. More...


 Embedded control libraries.


enum  ecl::Bits {
  ecl::Bit0 = 0x0000, ecl::Bit1 = 0x0001, ecl::Bit2 = 0x0002, ecl::Bit3 = 0x0004,
  ecl::Bit4 = 0x0008, ecl::Bit5 = 0x0010, ecl::Bit6 = 0x0020, ecl::Bit7 = 0x0040,
  ecl::Bit8 = 0x0080, ecl::Bit9 = 0x0100, ecl::Bit10 = 0x0200, ecl::Bit11 = 0x0400,
  ecl::Bit12 = 0x0800, ecl::Bit13 = 0x1000, ecl::Bit14 = 0x2000, ecl::Bit15 = 0x4000,
  ecl::Bit16 = 0x8000

Detailed Description

Flags c++ style without all the bit operations.

Definition in file flags.hpp.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
autogenerated on Mon Jun 10 2019 13:08:28