ecl_math Documentation


This package provides simple support to cmath, filling in holes or redefining in a c++ formulation where desirable.

Embedded Control Library

    This group includes various mathematical macros, constants and utility

Compiling & Linking

    Include the following at the top of any translation unit which
    requires this library:
#include <ecl/math.hpp>
// constants
using ecl::pi; // also pi_2, pi_4
// simple functions
using ecl::sign; // also psign
using ecl::cube_root; // only for real numbers/solutions

Since it is a collection of macros and headers only, no linking is required if you are only utilising this functionality.


Macros for PI

            Usually there will always be macros for pi defined in <i>math.h</i>, namely
            M_PI, M_PI_2, etc... (sometimes they're unavailable, e.g. windoze!).
            For typesafe definitions, the ecl defines a couple of these similarly in
            the ecl::math namespace.

Simple Functions

            Various regularly used functions are also present - usually in the form
            of functors (useful for passing around should it ever be necessary).

            - ecl::EuclideanNorm
            - ecl::isApprox
            - ecl::isApproxOrLessThan

Unit Tests

    - /src/test/constants.cpp
    - /src/test/fuzzy.cpp
    - /src/test/norms.cpp


- <b>Dec 10</b> : fuzzy math.
- <b>Sep 10</b> : better detection/setting of pi constants on posix/non-posix platforms.
    - <b>Feb 10</b> : @ref ecl::EuclideanNorm "Euclidean norm" functor (currently only l2 norm).
    - <b>May 09</b> : Macros for pi undefined and c++ style @ref ecl::pi "pi" constants made available.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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