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ecl::Converter< char *, unsigned char > Class Template Reference

Fast conversion to text format with character strings. More...

#include <char_strings.hpp>

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 Converter (char *begin, char *end)
 Converter (int buffer_size=250) ecl_debug_throw_decl(StandardException)
char * operator() (const unsigned char &input)
virtual ~Converter ()

Detailed Description

class ecl::Converter< char *, unsigned char >

Fast conversion to text format with character strings.

Provides a fast conversion to text using character strings. This implementation is based on a technique similarly used in the stlsoft libraries.

This class uses a character buffer for the character strings that it generates. Ensure your converter does not go out of scope while using the character strings otherwise your character strings will end up pointing at rubbish.

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Definition at line 231 of file char_strings.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ecl::Converter< char *, unsigned char >::Converter ( char *  begin,
char *  end 

Constructor that initialises with an external buffer.

begin: character pointer that points to the start of the external buffer.
end: character pointer that points to the end of the external buffer.

Definition at line 241 of file char_strings.hpp.

ecl::Converter< char *, unsigned char >::Converter ( int  buffer_size = 250)

Constructor that initialises with an internal buffer.

buffer_size: size of the buffer to create - if not supplied it initialises a buffer of size 250.
StandardException: throws if the allocation for the internal buffer failed (debug mode only).

Definition at line 247 of file char_strings.hpp.

virtual ecl::Converter< char *, unsigned char >::~Converter ( )

Reimplemented in ecl::Converter< char *, void >.

Definition at line 249 of file char_strings.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

char* ecl::Converter< char *, unsigned char >::operator() ( const unsigned char &  input)

Converts an unsigned char to a char string held in the converter's buffer.

input: input value to be converted.
char* : output text string.

Definition at line 259 of file char_strings.hpp.

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