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stencil/formatters.hpp File Reference

Text formatters for streaming stencil classes. More...

#include <cmath>
#include <ecl/config/macros.hpp>
#include <ecl/formatters/common.hpp>
#include <ecl/formatters/number.hpp>
#include <ecl/formatters/floats.hpp>
#include <ecl/mpl/enable_if.hpp>
#include <ecl/type_traits/fundamental_types.hpp>
#include "../common/formatters.hpp"
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class  ecl::Stencil< Array >
 A safe windowing class that opens onto array-like containers. More...
class  ecl::formatters::StencilFormatter< ValueType, Container, Enable >
 Pseudo formatter for stencils. More...
class  ecl::formatters::StencilFormatter< ValueType, Container, ecl::enable_if< ecl::is_float< ValueType > >::type >
 Partial specialisation of the stencil formatter for float containers. More...


 Embedded control libraries.
 Supporting classes for container formatters (do not use directly).

Detailed Description

Text formatters for streaming stencil classes.

March 11

Definition in file stencil/formatters.hpp.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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