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cloudwatch_logs_facade.h File Reference
#include <aws/core/Aws.h>
#include <aws/logs/CloudWatchLogsClient.h>
#include <aws/logs/model/InputLogEvent.h>
#include <aws/logs/model/PutLogEventsRequest.h>
#include <cloudwatch_logs_common/definitions/ros_cloudwatch_logs_errors.h>
#include <cloudwatch_logs_common/definitions/definitions.h>
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class  Aws::CloudWatchLogs::Utils::CloudWatchLogsFacade
 This class is a simple Facade over the CloudWatch client. This class is a very small abstraction over the CloudWatch client. It allows us to change the details of how we're communicating with CloudWatch without the need to expose this in the rest of our code. It also provides a shim for us to be able to Mock to unit test the rest of the code. More...



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