Installing CMake filesΒΆ

Sometimes your package needs to install CMake files for use by other packages. For that to work, your catkin_package() command must include a CFG_EXTRAS parameter, where you list the CMake files you want to export:

catkin_package(CFG_EXTRAS your_macros.cmake your_modules.cmake)

When another package uses find_package() on this package, the listed CMake files are automatically included.

Since these data are platform-independent, they should be installed in your package’s share/ subtree. This example assumes your CMake sources are in the customary cmake/ subdirectory:

install(FILES cmake/your_macros.cmake cmake/your_modules.cmake

To install everything in your cmake/ subdirectory:

install(DIRECTORY cmake
        PATTERN ".svn" EXCLUDE)

The PATTERN ".svn" EXCLUDE is only needed if you use a Subversion repository. For other types of repositories, it can be omitted.