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descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor Class Reference

#include <object_descriptor.h>

Public Member Functions

double getDiameter () const
int getInstanceCount () const
std::string getMesh () const
std::vector< ObjectViewDescriptorgetModelViewDescriptors () const
std::string getName () const
Eigen::Vector3d getOrientation () const
int getRotationModelType () const
double getScore3D () const
HalconCpp::HSurfaceModel getSurfaceModel () const
bool getUsePoseVal () const
bool isValid () const
 Checks whether this object can be used for recognition. More...
 ObjectDescriptor (std::string folder_path, std::string xml_path, int instance_count, bool use_pose_val)
 The constructor of this class. More...
void setCount (int count)
void setUsePoseVal (bool usePoseVal)

Static Public Attributes

static const int ROTATION_MODEL_CYLINDER = 1
static const int ROTATION_MODEL_NONE = 0
static const int ROTATION_MODEL_SPHERE = 2

Private Attributes

double diameter_
int instance_count_
std::string mesh_name_
std::vector< ObjectViewDescriptormodel_view_descriptors_
std::string name_
Eigen::Vector3d orientation_
int rotation_model_type_
double score_3D_
HalconCpp::HSurfaceModel surface_model_
bool use_pose_val_
bool valid_object_

Detailed Description

This class represents an object which can be recognized

Definition at line 34 of file object_descriptor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::ObjectDescriptor ( std::string  folder_path,
std::string  xml_path,
int  instance_count,
bool  use_pose_val 

The constructor of this class.

folder_pathThe path to the folder containing the trained objects
xml_pathThe path to the file containing the meta data for this object
instance_countThe maximum number of instances which can be found

Definition at line 37 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

double descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::getDiameter ( ) const

Definition at line 163 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

int descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::getInstanceCount ( ) const

Definition at line 169 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

std::string descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::getMesh ( ) const

Definition at line 157 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

std::vector< ObjectViewDescriptor > descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::getModelViewDescriptors ( ) const

Definition at line 167 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

std::string descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::getName ( void  ) const

Getters for the class members

Definition at line 153 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

Eigen::Vector3d descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::getOrientation ( ) const

Definition at line 161 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

int descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::getRotationModelType ( ) const

Definition at line 159 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

double descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::getScore3D ( ) const

Definition at line 165 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

HalconCpp::HSurfaceModel descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::getSurfaceModel ( ) const

Definition at line 155 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

bool descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::getUsePoseVal ( ) const

Definition at line 171 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

bool descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::isValid ( ) const

Checks whether this object can be used for recognition.

True if this object is valid, false otherwise

Definition at line 151 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

void descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::setCount ( int  count)

Setters for the class members

Definition at line 174 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

void descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::setUsePoseVal ( bool  usePoseVal)

Definition at line 180 of file object_descriptor.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

double descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::diameter_

The maximum diameter of the object's bounding box

Definition at line 54 of file object_descriptor.h.

int descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::instance_count_

The maximum number of instances which can be found

Definition at line 66 of file object_descriptor.h.

std::string descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::mesh_name_

The name of the object model used for visualisation

Definition at line 45 of file object_descriptor.h.

std::vector<ObjectViewDescriptor> descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::model_view_descriptors_

A list of descriptors of the object views used for 2D-recognition

Definition at line 60 of file object_descriptor.h.

std::string descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::name_

The name of the object

Definition at line 39 of file object_descriptor.h.

Eigen::Vector3d descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::orientation_

The orientation of the object

Definition at line 51 of file object_descriptor.h.

const int descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::ROTATION_MODEL_CYLINDER = 1

Definition at line 76 of file object_descriptor.h.

const int descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::ROTATION_MODEL_NONE = 0

The rotation-types an object can have

Definition at line 75 of file object_descriptor.h.

const int descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::ROTATION_MODEL_SPHERE = 2

Definition at line 77 of file object_descriptor.h.

int descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::rotation_model_type_

The rotation-type of the object

Definition at line 48 of file object_descriptor.h.

double descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::score_3D_

The minimum score a valid 3D-recognition result needs

Definition at line 57 of file object_descriptor.h.

HalconCpp::HSurfaceModel descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::surface_model_

The surface-model used for the recognition of the object in the point cloud

Definition at line 42 of file object_descriptor.h.

bool descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::use_pose_val_

Definition at line 68 of file object_descriptor.h.

bool descriptor_surface_based_recognition::ObjectDescriptor::valid_object_

Indicates whether this object is valid and can be used for recognition

Definition at line 63 of file object_descriptor.h.

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