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descriptor_surface_based_recognition::Object2DPositions Class Reference

#include <object_2D_positions.h>

Public Member Functions

void addPosition (Eigen::Vector2i position, int search_radius)
 Adds a new object instance position to the list. More...
int getObjectIndex () const
std::vector< Eigen::Vector2i > getPositions () const
std::vector< int > getSearchRadii () const
 Object2DPositions (int object_index_)
 The constructor of this class. More...

Private Attributes

int object_index_
std::vector< Eigen::Vector2i > positions_
std::vector< int > search_radii_

Detailed Description

This class represents the 2D position(s) of an object found in the last frame and is used to reduce the search domain for the current frame

Definition at line 32 of file object_2D_positions.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

descriptor_surface_based_recognition::Object2DPositions::Object2DPositions ( int  object_index_)

The constructor of this class.

object_indexThe index of the object this position(s) belong(s) to

Definition at line 25 of file object_2D_positions.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void descriptor_surface_based_recognition::Object2DPositions::addPosition ( Eigen::Vector2i  position,
int  search_radius 

Adds a new object instance position to the list.

positionThe object instance's position
search_radiusThe object instance's reduced search domain's length (== maximum extent of the axis aligned bounding box)

Definition at line 27 of file object_2D_positions.cpp.

int descriptor_surface_based_recognition::Object2DPositions::getObjectIndex ( ) const

Definition at line 35 of file object_2D_positions.cpp.

std::vector< Eigen::Vector2i > descriptor_surface_based_recognition::Object2DPositions::getPositions ( ) const

Getters for the class members

Definition at line 33 of file object_2D_positions.cpp.

std::vector< int > descriptor_surface_based_recognition::Object2DPositions::getSearchRadii ( ) const

Definition at line 37 of file object_2D_positions.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int descriptor_surface_based_recognition::Object2DPositions::object_index_

The index of the object this position(s) belong(s) to (out of the list of all objects)

Definition at line 37 of file object_2D_positions.h.

std::vector<Eigen::Vector2i> descriptor_surface_based_recognition::Object2DPositions::positions_

The 2D-positions (one for every found instance)

Definition at line 40 of file object_2D_positions.h.

std::vector<int> descriptor_surface_based_recognition::Object2DPositions::search_radii_

The length of the square, reduced search domain centered at the above positions

Definition at line 43 of file object_2D_positions.h.

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