Driver for the Phidgets Gyroscope devices


Phidgets gyroscope ROS 2 driver

This is the ROS 2 driver for Phidgets gyroscope.


To run this driver standalone, do the following:

ros2 launch phidgets_gyroscope

Published Topics

  • imu/is_calibrated (std_msgs/Bool) - Whether the gyroscope has been calibrated; this will be done automatically at startup time, but can also be re-done at any time by calling the imu/calibrate service.

  • imu/data_raw (sensor_msgs/Imu) - The raw data coming out of the gyroscope.


  • imu/calibrate (std_srvs/Empty) - Run calibration on the gyroscope.


  • serial (int) - The serial number of the phidgets gyroscope to connect to. If -1 (the default), connects to any gyroscope phidget that can be found.

  • hub_port (int) - The phidgets VINT hub port to connect to. Only used if the gyroscope phidget is connected to a VINT hub. Defaults to 0.

  • frame_id (string) - The header frame ID to use when publishing the message. Defaults to REP-0145 compliant imu_link.

  • angular_velocity_stdev (double) - The standard deviation to use for the angular velocity when publishing the message. Defaults to 0.095deg/s.

  • time_resynchronization_interval_ms (int) - The number of milliseconds to wait between resynchronizing the time on the Phidgets spatial with the local time. Larger values have less “jumps”, but will have more timestamp drift. Setting this to 0 disables resynchronization. Defaults to 5000 ms.

  • data_interval_ms (int) - The number of milliseconds between acquisitions of data on the device (allowed values are dependent on the device). Defaults to 8 ms.

  • callback_delta_epsilon_ms (int) - The number of milliseconds epsilon allowed between callbacks when attempting to resynchronize the time. If this is set to 1, then a difference of data_interval_ms plus or minus 1 millisecond will be considered viable for resynchronization. Higher values give the code more leeway to resynchronize, at the cost of potentially getting bad resynchronizations sometimes. Lower values can give better results, but can also result in never resynchronizing. Must be less than data_interval_ms. Defaults to 1 ms.

  • publish_rate (double) - How often the driver will publish data on the ROS topic. If 0 (the default), it will publish every time there is an update from the device (so at the data_interval_ms). If positive, it will publish the data at that rate regardless of the acquisition interval.