rail_manipulation_msgs/SegmentedObject Message

File: rail_manipulation_msgs/SegmentedObject.msg

Raw Message Definition

sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 point_cloud   # Segmented point cloud
sensor_msgs/Image image               # Segmented RGB image
geometry_msgs/Point centroid          # Centroid of the point cloud
geometry_msgs/Point center            # Center of the point cloud
float64 width                         # The width of the object in meters
float64 depth                         # The depth of the object in meters
float64 height                        # The height of the object in meters
geometry_msgs/Quaternion orientation  # Orientation of the object (typically only known for recognized objects)
bool recognized                       # True if the object is recognized
string name                           # Object name (if recognized)
uint32 model_id                       # Object model ID (if recognized)
float64 confidence                    # Recognition confidence value
Grasp[] grasps                        # List of grasps (if recognized)
visualization_msgs/Marker marker      # The downsampled visualization of the object

Compact Message Definition

sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 point_cloud
sensor_msgs/Image image
geometry_msgs/Point centroid
geometry_msgs/Point center
float64 width
float64 depth
float64 height
geometry_msgs/Quaternion orientation
bool recognized
string name
uint32 model_id
float64 confidence
rail_manipulation_msgs/Grasp[] grasps
visualization_msgs/Marker marker