Todo List
Member __stdcall
Get rid of all exception-specifications, these are useless and soon to be deprecated
Member openni_camera::DriverNodelet::configCb (Config &config, uint32_t level)
Run connectCb if registration setting changes
Member openni_camera::DriverNodelet::depthConnectCb ()

pub_projector_info_? Probably also subscribed to a depth image if you need it

Warn if requested topics don't agree with OpenNI registration setting

Member openni_camera::DriverNodelet::getDepthCameraInfo (int width, int height, ros::Time time) const
Could put this in projector frame so as to encode the baseline in P[3]
Member openni_camera::DriverNodelet::getRgbCameraInfo (int width, int height, ros::Time time) const
Use binning/ROI properly in publishing camera infos
Member openni_camera::DriverNodelet::mapXnMode2ConfigMode (const XnMapOutputMode &output_mode) const
Consolidate all the mode stuff, maybe even in different class/header
Member openni_camera::DriverNodelet::onInitImpl ()
Make it ir instead?
Member openni_camera::DriverNodelet::publishDepthImage (const openni_wrapper::DepthImage &depth, ros::Time time) const
Get rid of depth_height_, depth_width_
Member openni_camera::DriverNodelet::watchDog (const ros::TimerEvent &event)
Also watch IR
Member openni_camera::DriverNodelet::~DriverNodelet ()
Test watchdog timer for race conditions. May need to use a separate callback queue controlled by the driver nodelet.
Member openni_wrapper::DepthImage::fillDepthImage (unsigned width, unsigned height, float *depth_buffer, unsigned line_step=0) const
Different values for these cases
Member openni_wrapper::DepthImage::fillDepthImageRaw (unsigned width, unsigned height, unsigned short *depth_buffer, unsigned line_step=0) const
Different values for these cases
Member openni_wrapper::OpenNIDevice::getDefaultIRMode () const
Something else here?

Author(s): Patrick Mihelich, Suat Gedikli, Radu Bogdan Rusu
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