Changelog for package hrpsys

315.15.0 (2017-10-22)

Stable RTCs

  • SequencePlayer * Fix bug in CUBICSPLINE mode (#1201)

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    • fix bug in CUBICSOLINE mode a[5] -> a5[i]

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    • Remove offset while playing patterns (#1191) * enable to generate continuous motion from motion patterns * enable to fix a link while playing patterns
  • RobotHardware/DataLogger * Add data port for TimedRobotState2 #1195 from fkanehiro/add_rstate2_port

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    • add an output data port for TimedRobotState2
  • RobotHardware * Add servo on delay (#1210)

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    • [RobotHardware] add document on servoOnDelay
    • [RobotHardware] add servoOnDelay configuration variable

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    • Fix bug in getStatus() (#1197) * [RobotHardware] fix a bug in getStatus()
  • DataLogger * Add logSplitter (#1198)

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    • add logSplitter
  • (#1199) * [] add RTcomponent.getProperties()

  • hrpEC * Add missing initialization (#1209)

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    • Add missing initialization

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    • Detect use-after-free of hrpExecutionContext (#1208) * Remove C++11 dependency from previous commit * Detect use-after-free of hrpExecutionContext
  • Travis (, travis.yaml) * Update travis to run hydro/indigo/kinetic (#1194)

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    • remove -j1 -l1 to speed up compile
    • Update .travis.yml
    • run docker without -it
    • disable DEBIAN_FRONTEND, install tzdata before other package
    • old git does not support -b with tag name
    • export DISTRO
    • skip hydro specific patches
    • use DISTRO
    • use ROS_DISTRO instead of hydro
    • show lsb_release
    • .travis.yml: add hydro/indigo/kinetic: test on .travis.yml
    • apt-get install python2.7
    • install apt-get software-properties-common
    • mkdir tet_results
    • install git,wget,sudo,sed
    • use docker to run test

Unstable RTCs

  • ReferenceForceUpdater * Add is_hold_value flag writing (#1213)

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    • [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.cpp] Add missing writing of is_hold_value flag

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 61)

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    • Update rfu functions (#1212) * [idl/ReferenceForceUpdaterService.idl, rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Enable to set transition time for RFU * [idl/ReferenceForceUpdaterService.idl, rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Add no-wait version functions
  • AccelerationChecker (#1205) * remove a newline * check joint command acceleration only when servo is on

  • AutoBalancer (#1203) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Update for MODE_REF_FORCE_RFU_EXT_MOMENT. Separate MODE_REF_FORCE_RFU_EXT_MOMENT from other UseForceMode.

  • CameraImageSaver : Add new component (#1200) * add bindParameter() * add a new component, CameraImageSaver

  • CameraImageViewer : Support RTC::CameraImage (#1196) * [CameraImageViewer] support RTC::CameraImage

  • Stabilizer * Update calculation of foot origin ext moment (#1203)

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    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Update calculation of diff_foot_origin_ext_moment not to use ZMP and to use foot moment
    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Move calculation of actual foot origin coords. This is expected not to change the program behavior.

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    • Update travis to run hydro/indigo/kinetic (#1194) * sample/SampleRobot/ on hrpsys < 315.5.0 this outputs huge error log message
  • Contributors: Fumio KANEHIRO, Jun Inoue, Kei Okada, Shunichi Nozawa, Yasuhiro Ishiguro

315.14.0 (2017-08-04)

Stable RTCs

  • .gitignore (#1186) * [.gitignore] add qpoases directory

  • CMakeLists * Update for compile definitions (#1179)

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    • CMakeLists.txt : add " for string REGREX whoen OPENHRP_DEFINITIONS is not set

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    • Update compile flags (#1177) * CMakeLists.txt : remove -O2 from OPENHRP_DEFINITIONS
  • CollisionDetector * Update debug message (#1178)

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    • CollisionDetector.cpp: setupVclipModel() : display size of vclip model verts

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 101)

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    • Add service (#1174) * add service for collision loop
  • * Fix (#1183)

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    • fix classFromString()

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    • Update behavior (#1181) * 関数名を変更 * readDataPort、writeDataPort関数で毎回コネクタを生成しないようにする
  • SequencePlayer * Update sample checking (#1143)

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    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Check return value of checkJointAngles of SequencePlayer sample.

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    • Update for clearOfGroups (#1141) * SequencePlayer.cpp: (setTargetPose) send resetJointGroup to m_seq before call playPatternOfGroup * add test code to check clearOfGroups work when setTargetPose is called
    • Fix bug of return value (#1139) * [rtc/SequencePlayer/interpolator.h] Fix bug of return value type of interpolator dimension.
  • * Update debug message (#1153)

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    • display findComps -> (rtcname)

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    • Update documentation (#1135) * [py][doc] Clarify setTargetPoseRelative's wait behavior (addresses #1121).

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      wait argument is to regulate the commands previously run before setTargetPoseRelative, but there are users who thought it stops subsequent commands. This change hopefully clarifies the difference.

Unstable RTCs

  • PointCloudViewer * Update checking (#1145)

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    • [PointCloudViewer] Validity check seems not to be needed when is_dense param is correctly set
    • [PointCloudViewer] Use union rgb member in PointXYZRGB
    • [PointCloudViewer] Fix point validity check, isnan should take floating value
    • [PointCloudViewer] Fix validity check of color points

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 136)

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    • Support coloring (#1144) * [PointCloudViewer] Support color pointcloud view
  • Beeper (#1143) * [rtc/Beeper/Beeper.cpp] Update sleep time of beep. Do not access beep device during previous beep command is executed.

  • GraspController (#1160) * [rtc/GraspController] Add [] for grasp controller instance name and add more information about parsing of joint group setting

  • For fullbody manipulation : AutoBalancer, Stabilizer, ObjectContactTurnaroundDetector, ReferenceForceUpdater * Fix bug of initialization (#1160)

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    • [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Update to use interpolated results.
    • [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Output default value for refFootOriginExtMoment if is_active is false.
    • [rtc/Stabilizer] Do not calculate actual foot_origin_ext_moment if in the air, because of invalid act_zmp.

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 150)

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    • Update for fullbody manip (#1192) * [idl/ObjectContactTurnaroundDetectorService.idl, rtc/ObjectContactTurnaroundDetector] Add TOTAL_MOMENT2 to use end-effector moments * [idl/ObjectContactTurnaroundDetectorService.idl, rtc/ObjectContactTurnaroundDetector, sample/SampleRobot/] Add friction coefficient wrench. Update samples to print it. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Set 1.0 as default value for swingsupport time * [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Update increment of support_time. In some PC, previous version does not work because of optimized out.
    • Update for single-leg support (#1180) * [rtc/AutoBalancer] Support foot contact manipulation in static balance point calculation * [python/, rtc/ObjectContactTurnaroundDetector] Use reference contact states in object contact turnaround detector foot origin coords calculation * [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Add check for ee size. Currently, two feet contact is supported. * [rtc/AutoBalancer] Check leg_names length for biped force distribution * [rtc/ObjectContactTurnaroundDetector] Use footorigincoords calculation in OCTD
    • Support fullbody manipulation (#1151) * [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Add arm name printing to add more information in debug print * [sample/SampleRobot/] Add Joint Groups setting for startDefaultUnstableControllers * [sample/SampleRobot/] Update rfu sample (argument update checking and FootOriginExtMoment) * [python/] Connect FootOriginExtMoment ports for fullbody contact manipulation * [rtc/AutoBalancer] Add distibution of zmp to ref force/moment. * [rtc/AutoBalancer] Input ext moment around the foot origin pos and update static balance point calculation for foot force and ext moment. * [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl,rtc/AutoBalancer] Add MODE_REF_FORCE_RFU_EXT_MOMENT and MODE_REF_FORCE_WITH_FOOT of UseForceMode for fullbody contact manipulation. * [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Separate functions for update ref forces / ext moment. * [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Add update for ext moment around the foot origin pos. * [idl/ReferenceForceUpdaterService.idl, rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Add is_hold_value to choose holding current value or not. If is_hold_value is true, do not update value, otherwise, update value. * [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Add sensor name for eet param. * [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Enable to set some RFU parameters while active. Separate parameters which can be changed or not while active. * [rtc/Stabilizer] Add calculation of ext moment around the foot origin position for fullbody manipulation. * [rt/Stabilizer] Update for st target values considering foot origin coords
  • ReferenceForceUpdater : Fix bug of get/set value (#1173) * [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.cpp] Fix bug in get value for is_hold_value flag * [sample/SampleRobot/] Add check for value setting and add comments

  • Stabilizer * Support n-sided polygon (#1189)

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    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl] add comment about the order of eefm_support_polygon_vertices_sequence
    • [Stabilizer.cpp, Stabilizer.cpp] add vertices with margin for fall detection
    • [ZMPDistributor.h] remove unused function
    • [ZMPDistributor.h] fix bug on calcProjectedPoint
    • [Stabilizer.*, ZMPDistributor.h] calculate convex hull from n-sided polygon's vertices

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 188)

    Block quote ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.

    • Fix bug of initialization (#1190) * [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Fix bug of support_time. Initialize support_time and limit max support_time (too large support_time). Add debug print.
    • Support ZMP truncate (#1158) * [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp,Stabilizer.h,ZMPDistributor.h] add option of zmp truncation * [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Add func to calculate nearest point of foot support polygon
  • AutoBalancer * Update ref force balancing (#1188)

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    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl,python/,rtc/AutoBalancer,rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Support walking while MODE_REF_FORCE_RFU_EXT_MOMENT by using is_hold_value flag and move base offset
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, rtc/AutoBalancer] Add parameters to specify link name and offset point for additional force, such as torso.

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 198)

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    • Update footstep limitation (#1185) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h, idl/AutoBalancerService.idl] Update documentations. Add new explanations and fix incorrect explanations. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add sample functions for stride limitation * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] Use inside limitation in footstep calculation. * [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, rtc/AutoBalancer] Enable to set stride_inside_y and stride_inside_th as stride_parameter * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp, Gaitgenerator] Rename stride_y and stride_theta -> stride_outside_y and stride_outside_theta
    • Fix bug of limiting (#1162) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator, sample/SampleRobot/] Fix foot step limitation in case of offset vel is specified. Fix testing code.
    • Fix bug of initialization (#1157) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] set state at first double support phase and last double support phase to modify bug of no double support walk without reducing swing count.
    • Fix bug of GaitGenerator memory access (#1159) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator] Fix invalid access for step_count_list ( * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator] Remove unused argument in update_refzmp.
    • Separate simplefullbodyiksolver (#1150) * move operator<< overload into .cpp * separate into SimpleFullbodyInverseKinematicsSolver.h
    • Support footstep modification in goVelocity (#1147) * [GaitGenerator.*] support goVelocity in modifying footsteps * [GaitGenerator.cpp] remove unused variable
    • Update preview queue in GaitGenerator (#1140) * [GaitGenerator.cpp] overwrite refzmp queue only when is_emergency_walking * [GaitGenerator.cpp, PreviewController.h] overwrite preview queue without clearing queue
    • Update testing and plotting of GaitGenerator (#1143) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Update comments and print message. Add TODO memo. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp, GaitGenerator.*] Add check for toe heel angle and zmp offset transigion. Use eps_eq instead of calling fabs directly. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/CMakeLists.txt, GaitGenerator.h, testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add check for step times. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add error checker class and add start/end error check between COGxy and REFZMPxy * [rtc/AutoBalancer/CMakeLists.txt] Enable test6 checking in make test * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Update comment and use fflush to confirm file writing. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add value discontinuous checking for state values. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Update test for single step and z change (test6, test5) to remove discontinuous results. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Fix empty range of gnuplotting (force set range). * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add test_doc_string, add test name to file name, and use sleep for use-graph-append.
    • Fix bug of discontinuous trajectory (#1139) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Update comments and documentation. Add appepnding of graphs. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/CMakeLists.txt] Call tests for test17 and test18 in 'make test' (govelocity tests) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Update rot eps for mid_coords functions. * [rtc/ImpedanceController/RatsMatrix.*] Add eps argument for mid_rot and mid_coords * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Increase velocity plotting * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Enable to update the target value of foot midcoords (for example, foot step modification for updown and rotation). This bug is originally reported by @kyawawa. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] Interpolate difference from src to dst in swing_foot_rot_interpolator * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Calculate dst and src swing coordinates midcoords for all limbs at first. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add plot for swing support mid coords * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Separate plot files. This will not change behavior. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add argument for default-double-support-ratio-swing-[after/before] * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add rotation velocity change for test18 govelocity test * [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Enable to update the target value of swing foot rot (for example, foot step modification for rotation) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add test for changing govelocity velocities * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add test for goVelocity mode. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Separate plot and walk pattern generation parts as functions. This will not change the program behavior.
  • Contributors: Fumio KANEHIRO, Iori Kumagai, Isaac I.Y. Saito, Juntaro Tamura, Kei Okada, Nobuhiko Miyamoto, Noriaki Takasugi, Shunichi Nozawa, Yuta Kojio, Yasuhiro Ishiguro, Yisha

315.13.0 (2017-05-19)

Stable RTCs

  • Update for beeping of SoftErrorLimiter and CollisionDetector (#1124) * [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.cpp,rtc/CollisionDetector/CollisionDetector.cpp] Call quit_beep when is_beep_port_connected is true, because beeping is not required in these RTCs and deregated to Beeper RTC in this case.

  • Update documentations of python interfaces for stable rtcs (#1120) * [doc][py] Explain setWrenches method (thanks to

    System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 263)

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    Similar info should be added to IDL level (this Python file is only the end-user API so the number of audience can be minimum).

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 264)

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    • [py][doc] Add how to set ref_{force, moment} for 315.2.0 <= version.
    • [doc][py] More elaboration on startImpedance.
    • [py] Elaborate the "tm" arg.

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 267)

    Bullet list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.

    AFAI understood from looking at [SequencePlayer/SequencePlayer.cpp]('s implementation, time taken for planning and other processes are not considered for "tm" argument.

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 268)

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    • [doc][py] Elaborate playPattern* methods.
  • hrpsys-simulator * set default background color of hrpsys-viewer

  • Update CMake for VTK (#1123) * Precise the version of VTK

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    There seems to be an incompatibility between the version 5.8 and the version 7

Unstable RTCs

  • Update Unstable RTC sample, readme, and images (#1126, #1127) * [sample/SampleRobot/] Fix path of images of README * [sample/SampleRobot/, img] Add image and update link for hrpsys sample README * [sample/SampleRobot/] Update terrain walk samples * [sample/SampleRobot/SampleRobot.DRCTestbed.xml] Update DRC testbed xml to add floor. * [sample/, SampleRobot/] Update README to fix indent and alignment.

  • Update Stabilizer (#1125, #1128, #1137) * Update Stabilizer-related codes and samples (#1125)

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    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add new sample for st for root rot change and mimic rough terrain.
    • [rtc/PDcontroller/PDcontroller.cpp] Print PD gain when loading
    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Remove unused parameters.

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 291)

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    • Update damping control in horizontal direction (#1128) * [Stabilizer] Enable to change horizontal swing damping gain when detect large force/moment
    • IK loop and base rot control (#1137) * [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.* idl/StabilizerService.idl] Enable to set ik_loop_count in st * [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h, Stabilizer.cpp] Reduce lines of printing of stabilizer. * [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer] Enable to set Limit of compensation for difference between ref-act root rot [rad].
  • Add new functionality for walking (#1129, #1134) * Modify footsteps to keep balance (#1129)

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    • [AutoBalancerService.idl, StabilizerService.idl,, AutoBalancer.*, AutoBalancer.*, Stabilizer.*] modify footsteps based on CP
    • [AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*, sample/SampleRobot/] use different parameter when generating footsteps with circle type

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 302)

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    • Change base height to avoid from leg stretching (#1134) * [AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.*] avoid limb stretch by changing root height * [Stabilizer.cpp] smoothly change root height when switching use_limb_stretch_avoidance
  • Update python function to start all default controllers (#1130) * [python/] Support non-legged robot and leg-only robot in startDefaultUnstableControllers and stopDefaultUnstableControllers

  • Add new functionality to remove force sensor offset (#1132, #1133) * [idl/RemoveForceSensorLinkOffsetService.idl, rtc/RemoveForceSensorLinkOffset, python/, sample/SampleRobot/] Add argument for duration of calibration. Set 8.0[s] as default value in python code * [python/,sample/SampleRobot/] Add sample and python interface for removing force sensor offset. * [idl/RemoveForceSensorLinkOffsetService, rtc/RemoveForceSensorLinkOffset] Add function to remove force sensor offset in RMFO RTC. * [rtc/RemoveForceSensorLinkOffset/RemoveForceSensorLinkOffset.txt] Add documentation abount two types of offsets.

  • Contributors: Fumio KANEHIRO, Isaac I.Y. Saito, Mehdi Benallegue, Shunichi Nozawa, Tatsuya Ishikawa, YutaKojio

315.12.1 (2017-04-04)

Stable RTCs

Unstable RTCs

  • Update for 3rdparty (#1115) * [3rdparty/qpOASES/CMakeLists.txt] trust server of QPOASES

  • Add ApproximateVoxelGridFilter (#1117) * replace VoxelGridFilter with ApproximateVoxelGridFilter * add a new RT component, ApproximateVoxelGridFilter

  • Update for ApproximateVoxelGridFilter * copy timestamp from input cloud to output cloud * add debug mode and pass through mode

  • Add PointCloudViewer (#1116) * add a new RT component, PointCloudViewer

  • Update for VoxelGridFilter * copy is_dense attribute from input point cloud * add debugLevel property and support pass-through mode

  • Update Stabilizer in-the-air behavior (#1090) * [Stabilizer] Set default detection time whether robot is in air to zero * [Stabilizer] Set detection time whether robot is in air * [Stabilizer] Rename variables

  • Rename and separate functions (#1111) * Stabilizer

    System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 354)

    Unexpected indentation.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Rename contact_states -> ref_contact_states. Rename isContact -> act_contact_states

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 355)

    Block quote ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.

    • AutoBalancer * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Separate solving IK codes as class. Currently, transition and SBP calculation is not separated. (This is expected not to change behavior). * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Output and set OutPort only for legged robots. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Make startWalking without ABC deprecated and fix position of calling of stopWalking and zmp_weight_mzp interpolation. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Remove unnecessary member vaiable (target_end_coords) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer*] Separate codes from IK parts. (This commit is expected not to change the behavior) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Include target EE coords calculation in separated functions. (This commit is expected not to change the behavior). * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Separate procedures in getTargetParameters as fucntions. (This commit is expected not to change the behavior). * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Fix order of transition code. Separate functions to calculate output from ABC. (This commit is expected not to change the behavior). * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Fix parameter setting section in non-GaitGenerator parts. Fix index of default_zmp_offsets usage. * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer, GaitGenerator] Separate and move codes from AutoBalancer to GaitGenrator, in order to get GaitGenerator results in AutoBalancer. (This commit is expected not to change the behavior) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Use target EE pos and rot instead of target link origin pos and rot from SequencePlayer target. (This commit is expected not to change the behavior)
    • ImpedanceController * [rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.*] Separate functions, add comments, and fix order and calculation of calcForceMoment. (This commit is expected not to change the behavior)
    • Update samples for unstable RTCs * [launch/sample4legrobot.launch,sample6dofrobot.launch,samplespecialjointrobot.launch] Update conf_file setting for launch samples * [sample/SampleRobot/] Separate tests as functions and improve execution time and result checking.
  • AutoBalancer update by adding inverse dynamics function (#1110) * refactor IIRFilter::setParameterAsBiquadButterworth -> IIRFilter::setParameterAsBiquad * sqrt -> std::sqrt one more * sqrt -> std::sqrt * seperate InverseDynamics calculation sequence * tan -> std::tan * Revert "remove unused dependency from AutoBalancer/CMakeLists.txt"

    System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 380)

    Unexpected indentation.

    This reverts commit 933edb0a1d05b7104e22eccc96f5639cedd607b4.

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 381)

    Block quote ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.

    • remove unused dependency from AutoBalancer/CMakeLists.txt
    • Revert "move InverseDynamics from ABC to IC/JointPathEx" This reverts commit 9b2a76ea3d6e0f871b4460002ded668649711a19.
    • move InverseDynamics from ABC to IC/JointPathEx
    • move InverseDynamics from ABC to IC/JointPathEx
    • merge from master
    • Add inverse dynamics function
  • Contributors: Fumio KANEHIRO, Masaki Murooka, Ryo KOYAMA, Shunichi Nozawa, Tatsuya Ishikawa, Yasuhiro Ishiguro

315.12.0 (2017-03-08)

Stable RTCs

  • Do not store history of gh-pages * Do not store history of gh-pages (#1107)

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    Unexpected indentation.

    • .travis.yml : do not keep history in gh-pages

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 400)

    Block quote ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.

    • Fix git push for gh-pages (#1108) * fix #1107: need to push with -f
  • Fix bug of cmake for latest catkin (#1103) * fix, for latest catkin

  • Update maintainer and docs (#1100) * Update maintainer * [doc] Clarify workspace for get*Pose methods. [doc] Add missing rtype for setJoint* methods.

Unstable RTCs

  • CameraImageViewer OpenNIGrabber * Update for depth image(#1106)

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    • resolve conflicts
    • enable output both of image and point cloud
    • update document
    • add a configuration variable depthBits to CameraImageViewer
    • support depth image (not tested yet)
    • support CF_DEPTH (not tested yet)
    • add CF_RGB to ColorFormat

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 423)

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    • Update for OpenNIGrabber (#1096) * flip Y and Z coordinates * enable to change execution period * set timestamps to output data * set true to is_dense
  • Stabilizer * Bug fix of transition among stop, start, ground, and air mode (#1104)

    System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 431)

    Unexpected indentation.

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 433)

    Block quote ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.

    • Bug fix of stop/start transition (#1102) * [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Reset prev_ref_cog for transition (MODE_IDLE=>MODE_ST) because the coordinates for ref_cog differs among st algorithms. * [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Wait for MODE transition regardless of whether the client program is mode changer or not (
    • Update for st control low (#1099) * [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Enable to update is_feedback_control_enable flag while MODE_ST * [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Use 6dof total wrench in ZMPdistribution in EEFMQPCOP2
  • ObjectContactTurnaroundDetector (Add new RTC separated from ImpedanceController) (#1101) * [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl,rtc/ImpedanceController] Remove ObjectContactTurnaroundDetector from ImpedanceController. * [sample/SampleRobot/,] Use OCTD RTC instead of ImpedanceController * [python/,launch/samplerobot.launch,doc] Update hrpsyspy, launch, and doc for ObjectContactTurnaroundDetector RTC * [rtc/CMakeLists.txt,idl/CMakeLists.txt,rtc/ObjectContactTurnaroundDetector,idl/ObjectContactTurnaroundDetectorService.idl] Add ObjectContactTurnaroundDetector RTC for object manipulation separated from ImpedanceController

  • TorqueFilter/IIRFilter (#1097) * [rtc/TorqueFilter] Add comments for IIR Filter implementation * [rtc/TorqueFilter] Fix reset function to output initial_value

  • ImpedanceController (#1099) * [rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.cpp,h,ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h] Add port for otd data (mode, wrench values) * [rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.cpp] Add calcForwardKinematics for state calculation.

  • AutoBalancer (#1099) * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Transition m_limbCOPOffset in ABC (in MODE_IDLE, set to 0). * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Use setGoal instead of go for autobalancer transition.

  • KalmanFilter (#1099) * [rtc/KalmanFilter/CMakeLists.txt, testKFilter.cpp] Add test code for KFilter class. * [rtc/KalmanFilter/KalmanFilter.cpp] Consider sensor offset for gyro value.

  • Contributors: Fumio KANEHIRO, Isaac I.Y. Saito, Kei Okada, Shunichi Nozawa, Iori Kumagai

315.11.0 (2017-02-17)

Stable RTCs

  • supports OpenRTM-aist 1.2.0 (#1076 from fkanehiro/openrtm_1.2.0)
  • add ctype and time to Hrpsys.h for QNX (#1085)
    • add include time.h in lib/util/Hrpsys.h for QNX
    • include ctype.h in lib/util/Hrpsys.h for QNX
  • Documentation
    • idl/SequencePlayerService.idl: add suppored version in @brief (#1092)
    • idl/SequencePlayerService.idl: Fix documentation of setJointAngleSequenceFull (fix typoes and unit systems). (#1067)
  • DataLogger
    • rtc/DataLogger/DataLogger.cpp: add log_precision (configuration variable) (#1081)
  • RobotHardware
    • [rtc/RobotHardware/robot.cpp] Fix bugs in setServoGainPercentage condition (#1074)
  • Add beep trylock, print PDgain, print time in EC debug (#1060)
    • [rtc/RobotHardware/robot.cpp] Print loaded PD gain.
    • [ec/hrpEC/hrpEC-common.cpp] Print gettimeofday time in ENABLE_DEBUG_PRINT
    • [rtc/Beeper/Beeper.cpp] Use mutex trylock not to block realtime thread
  • lib/util/PortHandler.cpp : add VisionSensorPortHandler intrinsic paramter to TimedCamera (#1091 from k-okada/add_camera_info)
  • [] try to re-connecting to name server, when failed (#1083)
  • [] Add clearJointAngles* methods. (#1064)
  • [] set HrpsysConfigurator as object class (#1048)

Unstable RTCs

  • fix time stamp of warning messages ( #1089)
    • [Stabilizer] reduce number of print messages
    • [AutoBalancer, CollisionDetector, EmergencyStopper, SoftErrorLimitter, Stabilizer, ReferenceForceUpdater] fix time stamp of warning messages
  • [AutoBalancer, CollisionDetector, EmergencyStopper, SoftErrorLimitter, Stabilizer] add time stamp to warning messages (#1087)
  • PCDLoader
    • rtc/PCDLoader/PCDLoader.cpp: support XYZRGB in PCDLoader (#1093)
  • Stabilizer
    • Fix st damping compensation bug. Enable yaw rotation. (#1082)
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Fix st damping compensation bug. Enable yaw rotation.
    • Update st debug messages ( #1075)
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add printing of actual base pos during st testing.
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h, Stabilizer.cpp] Reduce lines of st debug message in setParameter (total information is same).
    • Change root link height depending on limb length (#1069)
      • [StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.*] rename variable and add function for avoiding limb stretch
      • [Stabilizer.cpp] change root link height on world frame not root link frame
      • [StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.*] add idl for changing root link height
      • [Stabilizer.*] change root link height depending on limb length
    • do not distribute moment to swing leg (#1068)
      • [Stabilizer.cpp, ZMPDistributor.h] do not distribute moment to swing leg
    • [AutoBalancer, Stabilizer] add warning message (#1066)
    • Update st swing modif (#1062)
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/CMakeLists.txt] Fix build dependency not to depends on Stabilizer codes.
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Use Eigen cwise functions for swing ee modif calculation.
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp,h] Move vectors for swing ee modif to stikp.
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Enable retrieving of swing ee modif during support phase.
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp,h] Separate swing foot modif function and re-organize calcEEForceMomentControl
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp,h] Update swing ee modification to use current state.
    • Initialize st eefm_ee_forcemoment_distribution_weight parameter. (#1059)
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Initialize st eefm_ee_forcemoment_distribution_weight parameter.
    • Use damping control in swing phase (#1058)
      • [StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.*] use swing damping only when exceeding threthold
      • [StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.*] use damping control in swing phase
  • AutoBalancer
    • Add and update test for sync sh baseTform (#1065)
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Set fix_leg_coords according to basePos and rpy from StateHolder during MODE_IDLE.
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add and update test for sync sh baseTform
    • Enable auto toeheel (#1056)
      • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Enable to set use_toe_heel_auto_set, toe,heel_check_thre from idl.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.] Fix typo (double -> bool) and add flag whether use auto toe heel set or not. Update test to use use_toe_heel_auto_set flag.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Add toe_heel_type_checker to determin autonomusly whether toe or heel is used.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Separate calc swing support leg steps as functions
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] Use first_xx and second_xx instead of toe_xx and heel_xx. Renaming and fix transition.
    • Update toeheel and st (#1054)
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/testZMPDistributor.cpp, CMakeLists.txt] Update testZMPDistributor to switch distribute algorithm and add cmake test for them.
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add test for st+toe heel usage
      • [python/, rtc/Autobalancer, rtc/Stabilizer] Add and connect ports to send toe heel ratio between AutoBalancer and Stabilizer. Add weighting matrix update based on toe heel ratio.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] Add functions to obtain toe heel ratio and add test for it. Update comment in codes.
    • Fix toe heel phase count of refzmp_generator (#1053)
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/CMakeLists.txt] Enable cmake test for testGaitGenerator test16
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Fix bug of toe heel phase. Make independent toe heel phase for leg_coords_generator and refzmp_generator. Use thp instead of thp_ptr->.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Update zmp diff check thre (10mm->20mm). Update test16. Update step time. Add default zmp offsets.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Use NUM_TH_PHASES directly.
    • Update abc posik ggtest (#1052)
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp, CMakeLists.txt] Add test for setFootStepWithParam related functions. CMake test is disabled currently.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Update default value for pos_ik_thre according to hrp2 reset manip pose. 0.1[mm] -> 0.5 [mm].
  • sample
    • Update SampleRobot xml project file (#1086)
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Omit demoStandingPosResetting because we use floor5 and we do not need to worry about falling down from the floor.
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add print message for all autobalancer sample time.
      • [sample/SampleRobot/,SampleRobot.*] Use floor5 instead of longfloor
      • [sample/SampleRobot/SampleRobot*] Update to sample's files using latest openhrp-project-generator
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add readme to generate sample's files
    • Update st tests (#1061)
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add command documentation to generate xml
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Add toe usage for down-stair walking.
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Update st tests. Add stair test. Re-organize all tests. Use swing damping mode.
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add box for stair walking tests.
  • IIRFilter.cpp
    • [rtc/TorqueFilter/IIRFilter.cpp] Fix problem of resetting coefficient value in setParameter (#1077)
    • [TorqueFilter, IIRFilter.h] add getParameter and reset method (#1050)
  • AccelerationFilter
    • add AccelerationFilter (#1051)
    • [AccelerationFilter] fix compile AccelerationFilterService.idl
    • [AccelerationFilter] add AccelerationFilter to
    • [AccelerationFilter] add Acceleration Filter
  • util/SelfCollisionChecker/main.cpp
    • enables to visualize motion with -olv option (#1055)
  • JpegDetector/JpegEncoder/RGB2Gray/VideoCapture
    • Add opencv missing header and namespace for OpenCV3 (#1049)
  • Contributors: Fumio KANEHIRO, Isaac Saito, Kei Okada, Shunichi Nozawa, Tatsuya Ishikawa, Yohei Kakiuchi, Yuta Kojio, Iori Yanokura, Yasuhiro Ishiguro

315.10.1 (2016-10-08)

Stable RTCs

Unstable RTCs

  • IIRFilter

    • Add setParameter, passFilter methods (#1046)

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 645)

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    • [IIRFilter] remove warning message
    • [IIRFilter] add test code for IIRFilter to testIIRFilter
    • [IIRFilter] fix indent on IIRFilter.h IIRFilter.cpp
    • [IIRFilter] add new method for using IIRFilter
  • AutoBalancer

    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] fix bug of emergency stop (#1045)
    • Add GaitGenerator Sample codes (#1043)
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add test for stairdown
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Add print message for swing_trajectory_time_offset_xy2z
    • Update swing trajectory xy and z convergence (#1042)
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add --swing-trajectory-time-offset-xy2z option for testGaitGenerator
      • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp,GaitGenerator.h] Add swing_trajectory_time_offset_xy2z for time between Z convergence time and XY convergence time. 0 by default, which does not change default behavior.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Separate xy interpolation and z interpolation
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Use int for if check
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Return final distance antecedent path ratio
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Separate calc function and interpolate function for antecedent path
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Define foot hoffarbib_interpolation as double type interpolation

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 668)

    Bullet list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.

    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Define interpolate_antecedent_path functions as const member functions.
  • OpenNIGrabber

    • Changes point type for depth_and_color (#1041)
  • Contributors: Fumio Kanehiro, Shunichi Nozawa, Tatsuya Ishikawa, Yohei Kakiuchi

315.10.0 (2016-09-13)

Stable RTCs

  • SequencePlayer
    • [rtc/SequencePlayer/timeUtil.cpp] get_tick(): add support for ARM_ARCH_7A and AARCH64EL (#1018 )
  • RobotHardware
    • [rtc/RobotHardware/robot.*] Check read_power_state flags to servo off. If power OFF is detected while servo ON, servo OFF all and write EMG_POWER_OFF. Do not used by default. (#1036)
    • [rtc/RobotHardware/RobotHardware.cpp] checks if model path is given before trying to load(#1001)
      • doesn't return RTC_ERROR to pass tests
      • returns RTC_ERROR is the model path is not given instead of calling abort()
      • checks if model path is given before trying to load
    • Use robothardware with simulation(#995)
      • [RobotHardware] add accessor to m_robot
      • [RobotHardware] base time is taken by a virtual method
  • CollisionDetector
    • [CollisionDetector] fix warning message while servo off (#1023)
    • get out from initial collision state (#1015)
      • [CollisionDetector] update test code for collision detector
      • [CollisionDetector] fix, get out from initial collision state
      • add test for CollisionDetector on initial collision state
    • [CollisionDetector] Fix problem when set collision_loop (#993, #990)
      • add version check to test-collision-loop
      • [CollisionDetector] fix behavior when using collision_loop
      • add version check to
      • add test for collision_loop on CollisionDetector
  • fixes warnings detected by -Wsign-compare (#1039)
  • fixes warnings detected by -Wreorder (#1038)
  • Support clang (#1037)
  • [ec/hrpEC/hrpEC-common.cpp] supports trunk version of OpenRTM-aist (
  • [lib/util, rtc/CollisionDetector, rtc/ServoController, util/monitor] fixes some of compile warnings (#1007 <>)
  • [hrpsys-base.pc] fix version in hrpsys-base.pc(#1004)
  • [CMakeLists.txt] enables to use RelWithDebInfo (#997)
  • [CMakeLists.txt] check version in CMakeLists.txt against package.xml (#991)
  • [CMakeLists.txt] supports ubuntu16.04 (#989)
  • python
    • [python/] checks if component is already activated/deactivated (#1024)
    • [python/] checks return values of activate_component() and deactivate_component() (#1022)
    • [python/] add method for setInterpolationMode (#1012)
    • [python/] save ReferenceForceUpdater output with DataLogger (#1008)
    • [python/] improves efficiency of readDataPort() by returning value of dataport.data_value property if available (#1000)
    • [python/] enables to specify interface_type (#998)
    • [python/] Fixed mistake of waitForRTCManagerAndRoboHardware's argument (#988)
    • [pyrhon/] Renamed waitForRTCManagerAndRoboHardware to waitForRTCManagerAndRobotHardware #980 (#984)
  • [doc] comment update (#1016)
    • [doc for setJointAnglesSequence*] Wrong param type. Better description.
    • [doc] Add in-code comment for the addition #1012.

Unstable RTCs

  • AutoBalancer

    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp,rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Modify ref force output from ABC to ST (#1035)
    • add new stride limitation type when goPos and goVelocity (#1031)
      • [AutoBalancerService.idl,, AutoBalancer.*, GaitGenerator.h, Stabilizer.*] add idl for leg_margin
      • [] add test to check goPos when changing stride limitation type to circle
      • [AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*] add new stride limitation type when goPos and goVelocity
      • [GaitGenerator.*] fix region of stride limitation
    • add a function to limit stride (#1029)
      • [AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*] limit stride when use_stride_limitation is true
      • [AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*] add function to limit stride
      • [, AutoBalancer.*, GaitGenerator.h, Stabilizer.*] get leg_margin from st
    • [AutoBalancer/PreviewController.h] get preview_control_gain f (#1027)
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.{cpp,h}] print limb neame in the case of too large IK error. (#1017)
  • Stabilizer

    • Add new st distribution and add interpolator printing. (#1013)
    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/] Add new st_algorithm to check multi contact distribution.
    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Update checking of st_algorithm (TPCC or not). This commit should not change behavior.
    • [rtc/SequencePlayer/interpolator.cpp] Add print message for MIN_INTERPOLATION_TIME in interpolator.
    • Update stabilizer sbp_cog_offset and add RobotHardware comment (#987)
      • [rtc/RobotHardware/robot.cpp] Add print message for removeForceSensorOffset and calibrateInertiaSensor
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Fix orientation of sbp_cog_offset (reference world frame -> foot origin frame).
  • ReferenceForceUpdater

    • [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater/,idl/ReferenceForceUpdaterService.idl] add frame parameter to set move_dir in world coordinates (#1033)
    • [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] Arrange Reference Force Updater(#1010)
      • [ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.cpp] remove unused local variable, base_name_map.
      • [ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.cpp] remove unncessary lines: setting eet.sensor_name.
      • [ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.h] remove unused variable, m_data.
      • [ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.cpp] remove debug print in constructor and deconstructor because oth er rtc does not have debug print.
      • [ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.cpp] fix indent.
    • [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater] set time for ReferenceForceUpdater output variable (#1009 )
    • support both arm in ReferenceForceUpdater (#1005)
      • [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.cpp] fix indent
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] update rfu sample to check data port
      • [idl/ReferenceForceUpdaterService.idl] remove arm parameter from ReferenceForceUpdaterParam and add arm arg to interfaces of rfu [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdaterService_impl{.h,.cpp}] remove arm parameter from ReferenceForceUpdaterParam [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.h] add ReferenceForceUpdaterParam structure [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.cpp] add Initialization for use_sh_base_pos_rpy [rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.cpp] enable to set both arms parameters independently in rfu
    • add sample and test for ReferenceForceUpdater(#1003)
      • [test] add test for ReferenceForceUpdater.
      • [sample/SampleRobot] add sample for ReferenceForceUpdater.
  • TorqueFilter

    • [rtc/TorqueFilter/IIRFilter.h] Fix type of getCurrentValue (#1032)
  • Beeper

    • [rtc/Beeper] Update mutex lock and use buffer for communication between beep thread and real-time thread. (#1030)
  • SelfCollisionChecker

    • adds a tool, hrpsys-self-collision-checker (#1026)
  • OpenNIGrabber (#1021)

    • checks if OpenNI2 is installed
    • makes error message from OpenNIGrabber more informative
    • adds a configuration variable, mode
    • improves error handling
    • adds a new component, OpenNIGrabber
  • Contributors: Fumio Kanehiro, Isaac I.Y. Saito, Jun Inoue, Ryo Koyama, Kei Okada, Masaki Murooka, Noriaki Takasugi, Shunichi Nozawa, Yohei Kakiuchi, Yuta Kojio, Iori Yanokura

315.9.0 (2016-04-19)

Stable RTCs

  • SequencePlayer

    • fix bug of setJointAnglesSequenceFull function in SequencePlayer (updated by snozawa) (#908)
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add optionalData check and comment out clear joint angle check currently not working.
      • [rtc/SequencePlayer/seqplay.cpp] Fix typo : RPY->ACC.
      • rtc/SequencePlayer/SequencePlayer.cpp: fix bug of setJointAnglesSequenceFull function in SequencePlayer.
      • rtc/SequencePlayer/SequencePlayerService_impl.cpp: fix the expected length of acc array in setJointAnglesSequenceFull.
      • sample/SampleRobot/ add test of setJointAnglesSequenceFull in
    • sample/SampleRobot/ remove joint group when finishing test. enable clear test of setJointAnglesSequenceFull. (#914)
  • DataLogger

    • Make more explicit the dependence of PointCloudViewer on VTK and on IO package of PCL (#65)
  • fix include directory for iob.h/idl/util (#842) (io/iob.h -> hrpsys/io/iob.h, xxx.hh -> hrpsys/idl/xxx.hh, util/xxx.h -> hrpsys/util/xxx.h)

  • Update semaphore and EcexutionContext (#970)

    • [ec/hrpEC/hrpEC-common.cpp, hrpEC.h] Add ordinaly debug message for processing time if ENABLE_DEBUG_PRINT is true. Update print message for processing time. Move QNX ifdef for fprintf to header file.
    • [rtc/RobotHardware/robot.[cpp,h] ,rtc/SequencePlayer/SequencePlayer.[cpp,h], rtc/StateHolder/StateHolder.[cpp,h]] Use semaphore.h instead of interprocess_semaphore because we do not use interprocess_semaphore specific functionality. On old OS, interprocess_semaphore cannot be used (boost version <= 1.35.0). This commit is related with the discussion :

  • PDController

    • adds a function to interpolate reference angles (#954)
      • updates description of ref_dt
      • adds a function to interpolate reference angles
  • lib/util/VectorConvert
    • fixes a parse problem (#954)
  • Update docs (#975)

    • [idl/CollisionDetectorService.idl, RobotHardwareService.idl] Update documentation of idl
    • [doc/, doc/package.h] Add beeper RTC documentation links.
    • [] Add documentation for directories, papers, and ros wiki
  • Fix include dir for QNX build (#971)

    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h] Add including of Hrpsys.h to pass QNX build.
    • [CMakeLists.txt] Specify include_directories as higher priority to pass QNX build.
  • [sample/SampleRobot/,] Use DataLogger instead of readDataPort for sample. (#950)

  • sample/SampleRobot/ fix checkArrayBetween function (#919)

    • Add loadpatternst sample (#907)
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add example for loadPattern + Stabilizer.
      • [sample/SampleRobot/data, CMakeLists.txt] Add generated walking pattern file for SampleRobot. Add installation of data.
    • Update carry sample (#909)
    • [] Download and overwrite deb installed tests for downstream hrpsys-ros-bridge
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Define object turnaround detection time threshold and use hand fix mode during pushing manipulation.
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add conf file setting for el sample README.
    • Update st, abc, el, and to pass travis tests (#903)
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Check soft error limit checking after version '315.5.0'
      • [] Add inputting of N for mongodb configuration during deb install reported in
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Use getActualState().command instead of rtm.readDataPort of el joint angle output to keep thread safety.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Revert AutoBalancer 7a8bc6781608d4251b6c268123d99781ea4d405b change which does not pass test.
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Use abs for Base RPY error checking and check base RPY error between reference and actual.
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Update Stabilizer doc including paper names and equation numbers.
    • Update samplerobot python unittest (#912)
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Use StateHolder's getCommand to get seq results.

    • [test/test-samplerobot-*.py] Use Unittest for samplerobot example testing to enable test results output and respawn of rostest.

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 917); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • [] Print rosunit-*.xml if rostest fails

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 918); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

  • Fix pkg-config file, includedir should be the include directory, not the compiler flag. (#947)

  • [] Use --purge option for mongodb apt-get remove in order to remove configuration file. (reported in (#906)

Unstable RTCs

  • ImpedanceController

    • Fix bug of virtualforce (#976)
      • Modified Stabilizer to fix bug of virtual force
      • Modified ImpedanceController for enabling VirtualForce
    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h,sample/SampleRobot/] Fix to use round to convert double time parameter to size_t time count. (#964)
    • Add FFI for JointPathEx (#938)
      • [sample/euslisp/eus-joint-path-ex.l] Add FFI example using euslisp. Keeping hrpsys-base working without euslisp existence.
      • [rtc/ImpedanceController/CMakeLists.txt, JointPathExC.cpp] Add JointPathEx example externed into C used for FFI.
    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/JointPathEx.cpp] Add debug print for nan from Inverse Kinematics calculations (#925)
  • ReferenceForceUpdater Add reference force updater (#974)

    • [doc/, rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater/ReferenceForceUpdater.txt] add document for ReferenceForceUpdater
    • [python/, launch/samplerobot.launch] enable to use rfu in robots
    • [idl/, rtc/CMakeLists, rtc/ReferenceForceUpdater/] add new RTC named ReferenceForceUpdater(rfu)
  • SoftErrorLimitter

    • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/robot.cpp] Add print message for setServoErrorLimit (#967)
    • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.cpp, sample/SampleRobot/] Fix reference joint angle used to calculate error. Use joint angle which consider position limit and velocity limit. (#966)
  • Beeper

    • Add commenttoconnect and build beeper (#964)
      • [python/] Add print message for dataflow_type, subscription_type, and so on.
      • [rtc/CMakeLists.txt] Build Beeper RTC.
    • Add Beeper RTC (#963)
      • [python/] Add Beeper to getUnstableRTC. Change order of el and tl to make tl higher priority for beeping.
      • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.*, rtc/CollisionDetector/CollisionDetector.*] Support both BeepClient to use BeeperRTC and start_beep for stable beeping RTCs because stable RTC does not support BeeperRTC.
      • [rtc/ThermoLimiter/ThermoLimiter*, rtc/EmergencyStopper/EmergencyStopper.*] Use BeepClient to use BeeperRTC instead of start_beep for unstable beeping RTCs.
      • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/beep.h] Add BeepClient class to use BeepRTC
      • [rtc/Beeper] Add RTC to beep which takes input from several RTCs.
  • Kalman Filter

    • [EKFilter.h] fix typo : fussy -> fuzzy (#958)
    • Fussy tuned kalman filter (#957)
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] use fuzzy logic to tune R matrix
      • [] run test programs both with RPYKalmanFilter and with QuaternionExtendedKalmanFilter
      • [] start auto balancer at the beginning to avoid slip
      • [] compare kf_baseRpyCurrent with SampleRobot(Robot)0_WAIST not kf_rpy
    • Add quaternion kf test (#956)
      • [] optimize label location
      • [] add quaternion estimator test
      • [EKFilter.h, KalmanFilter.cpp] implement resetKalmanFilterState in EKFFilter
      • [] use actual rpy from simualtor
      • [sample/Sample6dofRobot] rotate initial pose
    • Update quaternion ekf (#955)
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] update coding styles for readability
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] refectering
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] use reference instead of returning value
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] clean up redundant codes
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] use rotation quaternion to rotate coordinate instead of rotation matrix
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] use hrpUtil to get Euler Angles from Rotation Matrix
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] use const reference parameters
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] do not pass a member variable to member functions
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] update calcF for readability
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] use const member functions
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] remove unused old comments
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] add a magic comment to use a 2 space indentation
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] use initializer list at EKFilter
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] Q should be gyro noise covariance in order to make it easy to tune parameters
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] normalize rotation quaternion as soon as possible
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] acceleration reference is to handle in KalmanFilter.cpp
      • [KalmanFilter/EKFilter.h] fix bug : we should normalize only rotation quaternion
  • TorqueController

    • Add getter method to torque controller (#933)
      • [TorqueController] Fix transition time expression bag
      • [TorqueController] Rename paramter argument name in torque controller to corersponding rtm-ros-robot-interface: t_param -> i_param
      • [TorqueController] Add get parameter methods for torque controller
    • Fix torque controller pass qref mode (#926)
      • [TorqueController] Fix merge miss in timestamp
      • [TorqueController] Supress dq from torque controller by min/max_dq
      • [TorqueController] Pass qRefIn without checking range of motion when motor torque contorller is disabled
      • [MotorTorqueController] tauMax should be not zero when tau is zero
      • [TorqueController] Check size of qRef to prevent accessing qRefIn when qRefIn size is not same as joint_num
  • AutoBalancer

    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Add boundary conditions of velocity and acceleration to GaitGenerator (#981)

    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Fix zmp weight interpolation and use setGoal instead of go. (#973)

    • Get foosteps (#939)

      • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] use const member function in getGoPosFootstepsSequence
      • [GaitGenerator.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] pass vel_param for argument in go_pos_param_2_footstep_nodes_list
      • [AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, AutoBalancer.h, AutoBalancerService_impl.cpp, AutoBalancerService_impl.h] add getFootstepsSequence function
      • [GaitGenerator.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] overload go_pos_param_2_footstep_nodes_list to get new_footstep_nodes_list
      • [AutoBalancer.cpp, AutoBalancer.h] move initial_support_legs calculation method from inside goPos to a new method
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Initialize gait_type as BIPED. (#937)

    • Update JointPathEx IK (#942)

      • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl,idl/StabilizerService.idl,rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*,rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Enable to set IK weight vector for STtabilizer and Autobalancer like ImpedanceController.
      • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.cpp,rtc/ImpedanceController/JointPathEx.*,rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Move end-effector version inverse kinematics to JointPathEx and use it in IC and ST.
      • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.cpp,JointPathEx.*,rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp,rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Add calcInverseKinematics2Loop function to take target pos and Rot and use it in ic, abc, and st. Currently omegaFromRot is under checking and tempolarily use old matrix_log function, so program behaviour does not change.
      • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl,rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Remove deprecated footstep information lleg_coords and rleg_coords. Remove unused current_* parameter from ABCIKparam.
    • fix bug when overwriting footstep (#940)

      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp, rtc/AutoBalancer/PreviewController.h] fix bug when overwriting footstep
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add checking for discontinuity of COG trajectory during footstep overwriting by checking COG too large acc.
    • Update gaitgenerator and fix bugs (#918)

      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp,h] Add get_overwrite_check_timing
      • [] Print if rosunit_xml_result_files exists
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] Enable emergencyStop for walking anytime. Previously, emergency flag is checked at half of step time.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] Set toe heel time count based on each footstep step count
    • Update gopos (#877)

      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Check hrpsys_version for samplerobot impedance test

      • [rtc/ImpedanceController/JointPathEx.*, AutoBalancer, ImpedanceController, SequencePlayer, Stabilizer] Reduce limit over print message frequence in JointPathEx and add more information for it.

      • [sample/SampleRobot/, test/] Test samplerobot_impedance_controller python example

      • [rtc/*] Update print message from RTCs like [el]

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        Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Update appending of footstep function. Define both const and non-const member function.

      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*, AutoBalancer.cpp] Enable to overwrite goPos target goal.

      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add check test for goPos final dst_foot_midcoords and add example for goPos overwrite.

      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Set is_initialize for gopos true by default to pass tests with default argument.

      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Use const member function for getter and printing functions.

    • Overwrite current footstep (#916)

      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] Fix for future velocity footsteps. Integrate future steps.
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add example for current footstep overwrite
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp,rtc/AutoBalancer/PreviewController.h] Enable to set overwritable_footstep_index_offset = 0.
      • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp,GaitGenerator.h] Enable to set overwritable_footstep_index_offset.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] Fix order of overwrite zmp processing and add comments. This should not change behaviour.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp,h] Enable to set future_step_num and use get_overwritable_index.
  • Stabilizer

    • Add refforce weight to eefmqp (#977)
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp,ZMPDistributor] Add ref force weight to eefmqp
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Modify ref force output
    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] do not distribute ForceMoment to swing foot (#972)
    • Add fall direction (#948)
      • merge origin/master by hand
      • [AutoBalancer.cpp] stop walking if emergency signal is set
      • [Stabilizer.cpp] check single support phase only in wailking for recovery
      • [StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.cpp, Stabilizer.h] add tilt_margin parameter for single support phase and double support phase
      • [StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.cpp] add TILT emergency mode
      • [Stabilizer.cpp, Stabilizer.h] add fall direction caulculator
    • Fix abc st segfo (#951)
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Fix initialization of target_p0 and target_r0
      • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Check size of ee params to avoid segfo.
    • [Stabilizer.cpp, Stabilizer.h] fix swing leg modification rule (#949)
    • [StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.cpp, Stabilizer.h] add eefm_swing_pos_time_const/eefm_swing_rot_time_const parameter (#949)
    • Add argument check st abc (#945)
      • [sample/SampleRobot/samplerobot_*.py] Use DataLogger log for check robot's state for testing
      • [test/test-samplerobot.test] Set order for samplerobot test execution. For example, DataLogger, SequencePlayer, ...
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp,rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Fix location of set Ik parameter and add comments and message
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp,rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Add argument length check for IK parameter for AutoBalancer and Stabilizer
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl,idl/StabilizerService.idl,rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp,rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Use IKLimbParameters instead of each sequence paraemters for IK of AutoBalancer and Stabilizer. (#944)
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl,idl/StabilizerService.idl,rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*,rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Add IK parameter interface for AutoBalancer and Stabilizer. (#943)
    • Add moment limit and test for turnwalk (#936)
      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add test for turn walk abount 180[deg] yaw rotation.
      • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Add limitation for end-effector frame local reference moment to avoid hardware break.
    • [Stabilizer.cpp] match f_diff frame to ref_f_diff one (#935)
    • Fix fixed coords again (#917)

      • [AutoBalancer.cpp] resize leg_pos to end-effector size
      • [AutoBalancer.cpp] move leg_pos initialization position
      • [Stabilizer.cpp] match f_diff frame to ref_f_diff one
      • [] add goVelocity in trot sample
      • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] support multileg in go velocity
      • [GaitGenerator.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] support multi legs for overwirte
      • [] add goPos in trot and in pace samples
      • [] move all end-pos +50mm in z axis to get manipulability
      • [AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, AutoBalancer.h] add gait_type to AutoBalancer param to realize multiple gait in goPos
      • [] add crawl mode test
      • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] fix fixed coordinates in multiple legs : only use legs / re-revert and update
    • Modify swing leg end coords (#934)

      • [Stabilizer.cpp] add a new modification law as a comment
      • [Stabilizer.cpp] modify swing leg coods only in actual and reference swing time
      • [Stabilizer.cpp] calulate difference rpy in new_swg_R coordinates at swing leg modification
      • [Stabilizer.cpp] print d_rpy_swing / d_pos_swing for DEBUG
      • [Stabilizer.cpp] support multiple legs for swing leg modification
      • [Stabilizer.cpp] separte rotation scope and position one for readability
      • [Stabilizer.cpp, Stabilizer.h] rename delta_pos / delta_rpy to d_rpy_swing / d_pos_swing and keep these variables as member variables for extensibility
      • [Stabilizer.cpp] use eefm_swing_rot_spring_gain / eefm_swing_rot_spring_gain param
      • [StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.cpp, Stabilizer.h] add eefm_swing_rot_spring_gain / eefm_swing_rot_spring_gain as st param
      • [Stabilizer.cpp, Stabilizer.h] modify swing leg end-coords to follow target one in world coordinates
    • Return total force or moment from getObjectForcesMoments and consider moment_center as foot mid frame. (#932)

      • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.cpp] Check for legged robot.

      • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h] Reset current filtered param when detect mode switched.

      • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl, rtc/ImpedanceController/*] Return total force or moment from getObjectForcesMoments and consider moment_center as foot mid frame.

        System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1159); backlink

        Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • Enable total moment detection by object turnaround detection. (#930)

      • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl,rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.cpp,rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.h,rtc/ImpedanceController/ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h] Enable total moment detection by object turnaround detection.
    • [Stabilizer.cpp] enable to change compensation limit : omission of (#929)

    • [Stabilizer.cpp] fix com height of LIPM in Capture Point calculation (#924)

    • [] start stabilizer after auto-balancer in startDefaultUnstableControllers (#928)

    • [Stabilizer.cpp] fix typo of (#922)

    • Update graspless manip mode (#921)

      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add example for dual-arm graspless manip walking.
      • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Support dual-arm graspless mode while walking.
    • Add rostest for stabilizer. (#910)

      • [sample/SampleRobot/] Check existence of sample1_bush.wrl because openhrp3 <= 3.1.8 does not have it.
      • [test/test-samplerobot-st.test, .travis.yml] Add test for samplerobot st with torque + pdcontrol + bush. Add travis job for testing st test.
  • RangeDataViewer

    • rtc/RangeDataViewer/RangeDataViewer.cpp: suppresses debug messages and ignores inf
  • get all q log (#915)

    • [CollisionDetector.cpp] set timestamp for out port
    • [TorqueController.cpp] use upstream timestamp instead of current timestamp
  • Contributors: Benjamin Chrétien, Eisoku Kuroiwa, Fumio Kanehiro, Iori Kumagai, Kei Okada, Kohei Kimura, Masaki Murooka, Mehdi Benallegue, Ryo Koyama, Shunichi Nozawa, Takasugi Noriaki, Yohei Kakiuchi, Yuta Kojio, Iori Yanokura

315.8.0 (2015-11-29)

Stable RTCs

  • add rtc xml (
  • [rtc/SequencePlayer/interpolator.*,seqplay.cpp,rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp,rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h,rtc/CollisionDetector/CollisionDetector.cpp,rtc/EmergencyStopper/EmergencyStopper.cpp]

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Add name for interpolator and set name for RTCs using interpolator (#848 )

System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1205)

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  • [, sample/] Add link for samples
  • [lib/util/BodyRTC.cpp] Do not use servo off emulation in HighGain mode.
  • [python] Clarify arguments for setTargetPoseRelative
  • [python/] Modify for connection
  • [ec/hrpEC/hrpEC-common.cpp, hrpEC.h] Get RTC names when rtcs size change for
  • [ec/hrpEC/hrpEC-common.cpp] shows instance names when time over is detected
  • [.travis.yml] Exec USE_SRC_OPENHRP3=true tests in faster orders to make debug of these tests easy.
  • [.travis.{sh,yml}] add test code for openhrp3 source
  • [.travis.yml] add slack notification
  • Change include file path settings in hrpsys-base.pc file
    • [test/] fixes a include path ("io/iob.h" -> "hrpsys/io/iob.h")
    • [] changes includedir in pc file
  • RobotHardware
    • [rtc/RobotHardware/robot.cpp] Add a compile option to add default implementation whenever readDigitalInput and lenghtDigitalInput are not available
    • Add a port and methods to read command torques, as well as actual torques. (They differ when the robot has torque sensing capabilities)
    • [rtc/RobotHardware/robot.cpp] Add print message for setServoGainPercentage
  • SequencePlayer
    • [rtc/EmergencyStopper/EmergencyStopper.cpp,rtc/SequencePlayer/SequencePlayer.cpp] fill time stamp on reference of angles
    • Protect pop() and pop_back() operations with a mutex(#839 )
    • [rtc/SequencePlayer/interpolator.{cpp,h}] Switch to using coil::Guard instead of boost
    • [rtc/SequencePlayer/interpolator.{cpp,h}] Include locks.hpp instead of lock_guard, for backwards compatibility
    • [rtc/SequencePlayer/interpolator.{cpp,h}] Protect pop() and pop_back() operations with a mutex to avoid popping twice the same element
  • DataLogger
    • [rtc/DataLogger/DataLogger.cpp] Add message printing to DataLogger functions
    • [python/] narrow to RTObject produce error on some environments (#858 )
    • [python/] Add try&except for import CORBA failing on old python environment.
    • [python/] Support latest startAutoBalancer in startDefaultUnstableControllers.
    • [python/] Use 4limbs in startAutoBalancer when Groups has rarm and larm.
    • [python/, rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*, rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] shift a support polygon when set-ref-force
    • fix typo: tmp_contollers -> tmp_controllers
    • [python/, rtc/Stabilizer, rtc/AutoBalancer] add walkingStates port from abc to st
    • [python/] Add el log for final reference joint angles output for both Stable RTC users and Unstable RTC Users

Unstable RTCs

  • Samples

    • [sample/SampleSpecialJointRobot/] Add interlocking joint setting

    • [sample/environments/Dumbbell.wrl, sample/SampleRobot/] Update Dumbbell handle and add auto detection sample

    • [, sample/SampleRobot/] Add new sample explanation to SampleRobot README and add link to top page

    • [sample/environments/Dumbbell.wrl, sample/SampleRobot/] Update Dumbbell handle and add auto detection sample

    • [sample/SampleRobot/ForceSensorOffset_SampleRobot.txt,, CMakeLists.txt] Add force sensor offset for rmfo and update controller initialization in carry sample

    • [sample/SampleRobot/carry, sample/environments/PushBox.wrl] Add push box and push manipulation demo

    • [sample/SampleRobot/,] Add ABS_TRANSFORM for each object and add walking example

    • sample/environments/Dumbbell.wrl, sample/SampleRobot/*] Add Dumbbell model and add carry up example.

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1266); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • [sample/SampleSpecialJointRobot/, rtc/AutoBalancer/] Enable toe joint example and support robots witch leg joints >= 7

    • [launch/samplespecialjointrobot.launch, sample/SampleSpecialJointRobot/, sample/CMakeLists.txt] Add files for SampleSpecialJointRobot

    • [sample/Sample4LegRobot] Add kinematics simulation xml and call set parameter func in demo program

    • [sample/Sample4LegRobot/] Update st params

    • [sample/Sample4LegRobot/] Use non-bush model for non-torquecontrol simulation

    • [sample/Sample*Robot/Sample*] Add optionalData setting

    • [sample/Sample*Robot/Sample*] Add parameters for ThermoLimter and CollisionDetector and hide print messages on simulation

    • [sample/Sample4LegRobot/] Add st and abc setting

    • [launch/sample4legrobot.launch, sample/Sample4LegRobot, sample/CMakeLists.txt] Add files for Sample4LegRobot

    • [sample/SampleRobot/, rtc/PDcontroller/PDcontroller.cpp] Enable to set gain file from bindParameter ( and rename pdgains_sim.file_name => pdgains_sim_file_name

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] add a sample program of setFootSteps with arms

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] add a sample program of four leg auto-balancer

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] add four legs mode pose

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] apply numpy.allclose to list of list

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] set acceptable error between reference and actual default_zmp_offsets

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] add debug message to demoAutoBalancerSetParam

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Tune stabilizer eefm parameter using rubber bush and torque control mode

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Remove unnecessary mdlldr and fix newline

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Update limit table check and add error and vel limit check

    • [launch/samplerobot.launch,sample/SampleRobot/SampleRobot.PDgain.dat,] Update torquecontrol to use sample1_bush

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] add assert to check success of setting default_zmp_offsets

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Fix samplerobot st sample parameter

  • AutoBalancer (support 4 legs)

    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] do not change autobalancer mode when leg_names are unchanged
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Set is_hand_fix_mode false by default same as startautobalancer in [rleg, lleg].
    • [sample/Sample4LegRobot/,sample/SampleRobot/,sample/SampleSpecialJointRobot/]

System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1295)

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Update samples for startAutoBalancer update.
  • [sample/Sample4LegRobot/] Add Rectangle and Cycloiddelay orbit 4leg walking samples.
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.[cpp,h]] Support rectangle and cycloiddelay for multi leg walking. Currently other orbits are not supported because we need to update a method to parameter setting and getting.
  • [AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] fix fixed coordinates in multiple legs : only use legs
  • [AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp, Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] do not change end-effector parameters except during MODE_IDLE
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] add end_effector_list to set/getAutoBalancerParam
  • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl] add end_effector_list to AutoBalancerParam
  • [sample/SampleRobot] set all limbs to limbs arguments in trot walking
  • [sample/Sample4LegRobot] add a trot walking demo program
  • [AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] modify toe heel angle in only biped or crawl
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Disable to change new zmp parameter and Modify for old zmp parameter
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Enable to Change zmp parameters
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Add Zmp parameter (default double support ratio before and after)
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Add Zmp Parameter(default double support static ratio before and after)
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Fix rotation of hand fix coords offset
  • [sample/SampleRobot/] Fix order of samples and update for zmp transition and fix hands
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.txt] Update fix hand mode according to cog vel and update documentation.
  • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add sample for hand fix walking.
  • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.[cpp,h]] Add hand fix mode. By default, no fix mode.
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] Check difference projected on start coords to avoid problems reported in
  • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] add use_force_mode to AutoBalancerParam
  • AutoBalancer (support external forces)
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] add use_force_mode to AutoBalancerParam
    • add leg orbit type for cross step
    • [rtc/Autobalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] Modify leg coords generator for changing double support time after swing

System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1322)

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 * [rtc/Autobalancer/Autobalancer.cpp] Disable to change double support time for swing leg  * [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Add double support time before and after swing to AutoBalancer

System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 1324)

Unexpected indentation.
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.cpp] Do not reuse vector for swing foot zmp offsets.
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Fix printing of footsteps.
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Substitute ref_forces calculated from ZMP for ref_force's outport at ABC
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Add Outport of ref_forces to AutoBalancer
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Set Contact States for ee not included in leg_names to false
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Enable to output contact and swing support time
  • [AutoBalancer.*] add leg_names_interpolator in order to change leg_names during MODE_ABC
  • [AutoBalancer.cpp] add Guard at the top of setAutoBalancerParam
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp,GaitGenerator.cpp] Fix double support phase count and contact state change.
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Add is_swing_phase member
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Display contact states on swing support time plotting
  • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*] extend contactStates, controlSwingSupportTime and limbCOPOffset for arms
  • [AutoBalancer.cpp] fix typo of index
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Reduce debug pring for ik error
  • [GaitGenerator.cpp] fix the order of passing arguments
  • [AutoBalancer.cpp] use target_p0/r0 instead of target_link->p/R to calculate ref_cog in order to avoid discontinuity of ref_cog
  • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] add zmp_weight_interpolator
  • [AutoBalancer.*] rename zmp_interpolator to zmp_offset_interpolator for zmp_weight_interpolator
  • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, AutoBalancerService_impl.cpp] set the number of default_zmp_offsets according to the number of end-effectors
  • [AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] fix typo : get_default_step_height -> get_toe_angle / get_heel_angle
  • [AutoBalancer.cpp] move some code blocks in onInitialize to use end-effector information
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Fix abc ik error bug. Calculate difference from current->target and update threshold
  • [testGaitGenerator.cpp] cannot use comparison operator between const std::vector<std::string> and boost::assign::list_of(std::string) in HRP2 inside PC
  • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, AutoBalancerService_impl.cpp] add zmp_weight_map to GaitGeneratorParams
  • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*] add zmp weight map which is used in target zmp calculation
  • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Do not check ik error during start and stop auto balancer
  • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.*, AutoBalancerService_impl.*, GaitGenerator.h] add setFootStepNodes for multiple legs
  • [GaitGenerator.h] use weight factor in get_swing_support_mid_coords for crawl walking
  • [GaitGenerator.h] print index of foot steps
  • [AutoBalancer.cpp] do not print unless DEBUG mode
  • [GaitGenerator.h] add default constructor of step_node
  • add outport for ref-capture-point
  • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Enable to check ik error.
  • Stabilizer (capture points)

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Fix bug of st compensation frame.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] fix calculation of cp for visualization

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] check whether capture point is inside support polygon

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] add function to check whether point is inside support polygon

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] add function to calculate ConvexHull

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] disable emergency stop while walking by default

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] add end_effector_list to set/getParameter

    • [Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] add mutex guards

    • [Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] add tm info to out ports

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] fix bug about checking cp error

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] fix typo : Reduce frequency of cp error print message

    • [Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] set contact states for all the limbs

    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl] Change idl's description

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp, rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] change detection of falling with cp

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] enable to set compensation limit

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Enable to set emergency_check_mode always.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Reduce frequency of cp error print message

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Use inport ref-force moment for initial values.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Fix wait for stop stabilizer.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h, Stabilizer.cpp] Use pinv version for multileg debug and add print messages

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Use limb_gain for feedforward force calculation

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/] Use limb gain for swing support transition

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Add non inequality distribution

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl] convert CapturePoint from foot-origin relative to root-link relative

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Fix st sensor name check for robots with toe joints

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Enable swing->support gain transition

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp, rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Print swing support time and consider swing phase for swing suport time calculation

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Calc swing support gain from remain time

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp, ZMPDistributor.h] Use cop distance and add d_foot_pos print message

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Add independent limb ik

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Reduce redundant calculation of pos_ctrl

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Remove deprecated parameters for old st mode

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Add argument to select force difference control mode

    • [python/, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Update st debug reference and compensation port for multi legged robots

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp, sample/Sample*/*] Enable to set all vertices of support polygon

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1394); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/testZMPDistributor.cpp] Initialize ref force moment for test

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Enable to set eefmqpcop algorithm

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Update for multi leg force moment distribution

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Rename ref force moment variable

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/*] Enable to set limb ref force and moment

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1399); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Fix for prev act force z

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Use zmp calc and feedback checking

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Fix for compile not USE_QPOASES

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Add parameter for end effector feedback and zmp calc params

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h, rtc/Stabilizer/testZMPDistributor.cpp] Add force moment distribution by cop distance

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/testZMPDistributor.cpp] Fix plotting of test zmp distributor

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*, rtc/EmergencyStopper/EmergencyStopper.cpp] Reset emergency flag when st mode is moved to idle or air.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp, rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp, rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.cpp, JointPathEx.*] Enable interlocking joints setting for AutoBalancer, ImpedanceController, Stabilizer

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl] Update comments of types

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.cpp] Update print message and add setter check

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Enable to set all end effector damping param.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Add d_foot_xx to st ik param

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Use LPF for target ee diff p

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Enable to use body attitude control for both tpcc and eefm

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/*] Use LPF in IIRFilter.h

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1414); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Fix argument for USE_QPOASES OFF

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Remove deprecated leg variables and force sensor checking in every loop

    • [python/, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Connect all force sensors and do not check whether leg or not in python and connection phase

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/testZMPDistributor.cpp, Stabilizer.cpp, ZMPDistributor.h] Fix immediate value for rleg lleg index.

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Fix const addition

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h] Fix rleg and lleg usage

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h,rtc/Stabilizer/testZMPDistributor.cpp] Update test moment plot range and extract calc alpha function

  • ImpedanceController (estimated force and external objects)

    • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl,rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.cpp,rtc/ImpedanceController/ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h] Add tuning parameter for time count after object turnaround detection.

    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/ZMPDistributor.h, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] change variable type of cp_check_margin

    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/JointPathEx.cpp] Fix bug of interlocking joint. Initialize matrix by zero setting.

    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController.cpp] Print impedance control parameter when DEBUGP controlled by debugLevel.

    • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl,rtc/ImpedanceController/ImpedanceController*, ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h] Return object turnaround detector mode while checking.

    • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl, rtc/ImpedanceController/Impedance*] Add get function for estimated force and moment

    • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl, rtc/ImpedanceController/*] Add idl service functions for object turnaround detector.

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1431); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h] Add axis and update params

    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h] Add counter and fix checking

    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/*] Add ObjectTurnaroundDetector and tests

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1434); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl, rtc/ImpedanceController/Impedance*] Add get function for estimated force and moment

    • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl, rtc/ImpedanceController/*] Add idl service functions for object turnaround detector.

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1436); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h] Add axis and update params

    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/ObjectTurnaroundDetector.h] Add counter and fix checking

    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/*] Add ObjectTurnaroundDetector and tests

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1439); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/JointPathEx.*] Add interlocking joint usage. Add interlocking joint component to jacobian and workspace velocity.

  • EmergencyStopper

    • add test for emergency stop of wrench in
    • connect data ports of wrenches for EmergencyStopper.
    • interpolate wrenches according to emergency_mode.
    • connect servoState from rh to es.
    • add input/output dataport for reference force sensors in EmergencyStopper
  • GaitGenerator

    • [rtc/GaitGenerator.h] Add get function for cog vel and cog acc
  • ThermoLimitService

    • [idl/ThermoLimiterService.idl, rtc/ThermoLimiter/ThermoLimiter.*, rtc/ThermoLimiter/ThermoLimiterService_impl.*] enable to set and get ThermoLimiter parameters
    • [ThermoLimiter/ThermoLimiter.cpp] decrease debug messages
  • PDController

    • [rtc/PDcontroller/PDcontroller.cpp] Add check for m_robot in PDcontroller (
    • [rtc/PDcontroller/PDcontroller.*, sample/SampleRobot/] Add torque limit ratio for PDcontroller simulation.
    • [PDcontroller] read gain file at onActivated
    • [rtc/PDcontroller/PDcontroller.*] Remove unused joint reading and add debugLevel and debug print
    • [rtc/PDcontroller/PDcontroller.*] Initialize pdgain and joint angles in onExecute to use bindParameter
    • [rtc/PDcontroller/CMakeLists.txt, PDcontroller.*] Add tlimit based on ModelLoader climit.
    • [PDcontroller] initialize reference angle with current angle at onActevated()
  • GraspController

    • [rtc/GraspController/GraspController.cpp] Move to idle mode when servo on/off deactivation
  • KalmanFilter

    • [KalmanFilter] add time stamp to output of Kalmanfilter
  • SoftErrorLimiter

    • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.cpp] Limit joint angles in one for loop
    • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.cpp] Move comments for joint/link
    • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.cpp] Remove unused variable
    • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.cpp] Update limitation considering vel, pos, err at once
    • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.cpp] Limitation by llimit and ulimit to approach valid joint range when (llimit >[i] && prev_angle[i] <=[i]) or ( ulimit <[i] && prev_angle[i] >=[i] )
    • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.cpp] Store total last output as prev_angle
  • TorqueFilter

    • [TorqueFilter/testIIRFilter.cpp] fix header file to pass qnx
    • [rtc/TorqueFilter/CMakeLists.txt] Add cmake test for testIIRFilter
    • [rtc/TorqueFilter/testIIRFilter.cpp] Enable test for hrp::Vector3
    • [rtc/TorqueFilter/IIRFilter, rtc/TorqueFilter/Stabilizer.cpp, ZMPDistributor.h] Initialize value in constructor
    • [rtc/TorqueFilter/testIIRFilter.cpp, CMakeLists] Add test for IIR filter
  • ServoController

    • use 0x... format instead of binary format 0b... Fixes (#868 )
    • [rtc/ServoController/ServoSerial.h, CMakeLists.txt] Check gcc version >= 4.3 for binary format integer constant. (For forl old ubuntu #854 )
  • Contributors: Eisoku Kuroiwa, Fumio KANEHIRO, Hervé Audren, Isaac IY Saito, Kei Okada, Shunichi Nozawa, Takasugi Noriaki, Yohei Kakiuchi, Yosuke Matsusaka, Yuta Kojio, Masaki Murooka, jenkinshrg

315.7.0 (2015-08-19)

Stable RTCs

  • [doc] Remove old info from downstream pkg
  • [CMakeLists.txt] Build 3rdparty directory
  • [3rdparty] Add 3rdparty directory based on discussion (currently for qpOASES)
  • [test/test-samplerobot-el.test] Increase rostest execution time
  • [] Check make test
  • [.travis] add more information on test matrix see
  • SequencePlayer
    • [sample/SampleRobot/samplerobot_*.py] Direct printing message to stderr to visualize in rostest results.
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Fix invalid length of joint angle function of groups
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Direct printing message to stderr to visualize in rostest results.
    • [rtc/SequencePlayer/seqplay.cpp] Fix typo in print message
    • [rtc/SequencePlayer/SequencePlayer*, rtc/SequencePlayer/seqplay*] Add checking of length of argument joint angles for setJointAnglesOfGroups and setJointAnglesSequenceOfGroup and update related function arguments.
    • [sample/SampleRobot/,,,] Check hrpsys version for unstable rtc testing
  • CollisionDetector
    • [test/,] Add unittest for collision and datalogger
    • [sample/SampleRobot/,] Use functions in instead of idl functions
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add assert for unittesting of collision check. (Comment out collision mask sample because it requires conf change).
  • SoftErrorLimitter
    • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.cpp] Fix bug of Velocity limitation in
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Check hrpsys version
    • [rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/JointLimitTable., rtc/ImpedanceController/JointPathEx*, rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/CMakeLists.txt, rtc/SoftErrorLimiter/SoftErrorLimiter.h] Move limit table codes to separated file.
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add position limit testing
    • [test/test-samplerobot-el.*, sample/SampleRobot/] Add rostest for soft error limiter
    • do not check position/limit error when lower limit and upper limit is same

Unstable RTCs

  • [python/] Enable thermolimiter and thermoestimator (in Unstable RTC)

  • [test/test-samplerobot.test, test-samplerobot-*.py] Add rostests for unstable rtcs.

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1543); backlink

    Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

  • [test/test-samplerobot.test] Add data logger and collision detector tests to samplerobot rostest.

  • [CMakeLists.txt, rtc/[AutoBalancer, ImpedanceController, Stabilizer]/CMakeLists.txt] Add enable_testing to toplevel cmake and add add_test for impedance, autobalnacer, and stabilizer examples

  • AutoBalancer (Support 4/multi leg mode)

    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] fix bug: keep align the order of names and coordinates of foostep_nodes_list.front()
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*] add multi_mid_coords function to calculate a midcoords of multi coordinates in fixLegToCoords, get_swing_support_mid_coords and stopWalking
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] use leg_names instead of "rleg" or "lleg"
    • [GaitGenerator.*] use leg_type_map in order to convert between leg_type and name
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] move leg_type_map to gait_generator
    • [GaitGenerator.*] rename get_support_leg_types_from_footstep_nodes to calc_counter_leg_types_from_footstep_nodes
    • [GaitGenerator.*] move get_support_leg_types_from_footstep_nodes to gait_generator
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] fix return type of get_dst_foot_midcoords from std::vector<coordinates> to coordinates because we need the reference coordinates
    • [GaitGenetarot.*] keep swing_legs at update_leg_steps
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] consider some variable life times
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*, testGaitGenerator.cpp] use step_node instead of coords because we need to align the oder of names of legs and coords of legs
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*, testGaitGenerator.cpp] fix variable names of legs and corresponding method names
    • [GaitGenerator.h] add hints for the second template argument of boost::assign::list_of at a constructor initialization phase
    • [GaitGenerator.*] use std::count_if instead of boost::count_if since HRP2 inside PC does not support boost::count_if
    • [GaitGenerator.*] use vector class functions to get errors :
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] improve startWalking for multiple legs
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*, testGaitGenerator.cpp] improve go_pos_param_2_footstep_nodes_list for multiple legs
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*, testGaitGenerator.cpp] remove an unused argument of go_pos_param_2_footstep_nodes_list
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] fix indent
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.*, testGaitGenerator.cpp] add an argument of go_pos_param_2_footstep_nodes_list to set start_ref_coords no matter which gait we choose
    • [GaitGenerator.*] improve get_swing_legs of leg_coords_generator for multiple legs
    • add outport for capture point
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp/.h] extend append_go_pos_step_nodes to get an argument of multiple legs
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.cpp/h, testGaitGenerator.cpp] add a variable named all_limbs which stands for candidates of contact legs
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp, .h] fix a function name to follow the naming rule
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] use count_if for multiple legs
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] use min max functions for the stride limits
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add attitude check to auto balancer test
    • do not use boost::remove_erase_if() because it is too new for old systems
    • remove undefined function
    • I will squash this commit: Update variable names following the naming rule
    • extend "std::vector<step_node> footstep_node_list" to "std::vector< std::vector<step_node> > footstep_node_list_list" for N leg walk
    • replace hard-cording value "2" to leg_names.size() or leg_pos.size()
    • fix return type
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testPreviewController.cpp] Add use_gnuplot argument for testPreviewController
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Pass check results to return code
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Fix indent for testGaitGenerator
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add value checking for testGaitGenerator. Currently zmp error and zmp diff are checked
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/hrpsys_AutoBalancer_GaitGenerator_memo.pptx] Update memo slide to add footstep overwriting
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.txt] Add url linking to AutoBalancer GaitGenerator memo slide
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Update demoGaitGeneratorOverwriteFootsteps
    • [python/] Add setfootsteps wrapper funcs to
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp, rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Enable to consider overwrite footstep index in footstep overwriting
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Remove unused variable and return current footstep index
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.*] Add arguments for overwrite_fs_idx
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancerService_impl.*] Add overwrite footstep index to setFootSteps and getRemainingFootstepSequence
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl,rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.h] Do not return current support leg from getRemainingFootstepSequence
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/hrpsys_AutoBalancer_GaitGenerator_memo.pptx] Add documentation and figures for explanation of AutoBalancer and GaitGenerator
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenertor.cpp] Use overwrite_footstep_node_list
    • [samples/SampleRobot/] Add sample for footstep overwriting
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/AutoBalancer.cpp] Enable to pass footstep overwriting from outside of Autobalancer RTC.
    • [rtc/AutoBalancer/GaitGenerator.*] Enable to overwrite current footsteps
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] remove unused if else
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] add a parameter "leg_names" to AutoBalancerParam
  • Stabilizer

    • [rtc/Stabilizer/CMakeLists.txt] Add subdirectory for qpoases linking
    • [rtc/Stabilizer/CMakeLists.txt] Use qpOASES installed by 3rdparty directory.
    • [sample/SampleRobot/,] Add check for attitude to st test
    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, rtc/Stabilizer/Stabilizer.*] Use vector3 for eefm_pos_time_const_support
    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl] enable to set contact decision threshold
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add assert check for stabilizer
    • [rtc/Stabilizer/testZMPDistributor.cpp] Add use_gnuplot argument for testZMPDistributor
  • VoxelGridFilter

    • removes an unused file
    • adds a new component,
    • fix name : foot_midcoords -> ref_coords
  • EmergencyStopper

    • add mutex lock when writing is_emergency_mode variable
    • add and test EmergencyStopper in test-samplerobot.test
    • add test code of EmergencyStopper function
    • go to release_mode when deactivated in EmergencyStopper
    • fix format specifier of size_t
    • support multiple zmp offsets input to PreviewController
    • use switch instead of if to judge emergency_check_mode
    • beep on emergency mode
  • TorqueController

    • [TorqueController] Fix typo, emergencyController -> normalController, in disable error message
    • [TorqueController] Add enable/disable methods to MotorTorqueController
    • [TorqueController] Add enable flag to MotorTorqueController to manage activity of both normal and emergency controller
    • [TorqueController] Add instance name to error prefix
    • [TwoDofController] Move error_prefix to TwoDofControllerInterface
    • [TwoDofController] Add instnace_name to error message
    • [TorqueFilter] Add instance name to error message of TorqueFilter
  • GraspContrller

    • [rtc/GraspController/GraspController.cpp] Add debug message to grasp controller start/stop grasp and add instance name for print message
  • ImpedanceController

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Fix typo in print message.
    • [rtc/ImpedanceController/testImpedanceOutputGenerator.cpp] Add arguments for plotting and printing usage.
  • KalmanFilter

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add exception if no plot is available.
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add check and assertion for sample kalmanfilter
  • RemoveForcesSensorLinkOffset

    • [rtc/RemoveForceSensorLinkOffset/RemoveForceSensorLinkOffset.cpp] Return false for invalid argument
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add value check for RMFO
  • DataLogger

    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add assert for unittesting of data logger.
    • [sample/SampleRobot/,] Define examples as demo functions
  • Contributors: Fumio KANEHIRO, Isaac IY Saito, Kei Okada, Masaki Murooka, Shunichi Nozawa, Yuta Kojio, Eisoku Kuroiwa, Iori Kumagai

315.6.0 (2015-07-10)

Stable RTCs

  • SequencePlayer
    • Rename arguments and local variables remain_t, x, v, and a because these are same name as member variables
    • Add comments to interpolator
    • [SequencePlayer/seqplay.cpp] clearJointAnglesOfGroup use online = true to clear remain_t
    • Connect seq port to monitor seq interpolation
  • python/
    • Add HardEmergencyStopper RTC to stop almost all rtc motion
    • Add check for rmfo-st connection
    • Use rmfo off sensor values in st
    • Remove seq data logging which can replaced by StateHolder data (reported in
  • test
    • [test/test-samplerobot.test b/test/test-samplerobot.test] wrenches is available from 315.2.0
    • [test/test-samplerobot.test b/test/test-samplerobot.test] update timelimit to 120
  • sample
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] check seq rtc version for executing tests
    • [sample/SampleRobot/, test/, test-test-samplerobot.test] add samplerobot_sequence_player to test case
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] add demoSetJointAnglesSequence() demoSetJointAnglesSequenceOfGroup()
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] add test code for override and clear function to demoSetJointAngles() demoSetJointAnglesOfGroup(), demoSetJointAnglesOfGroup()
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] add setSetJointAnglesOfGroup() and check results
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Use RUNGE_KUTTA for torque simulation
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add tpcc eefm st sample
    • [sample/SampleRobot/SampleRobot.PDgain.dat] Fix SampleRobot PD gain
    • Fix stabilizer sample
    • Update sample for stepparam change
    • Use functions defined in
    • Divide samples into small sample functions
    • Add emergency stop and remain fot step sample
  • lib/util/Hrpsys.h
    • [lib/util/Hrpsys.h] add atoi
    • [lib/util/Hrpsys.h] add header file for QNX compile
  • [doc] Elaborate package overview

Unstable RTCs

  • AutoBalancer
    • add kick-test to testGaitGenerator.cpp
    • Update AutoBalancer.cpp enable to stop with one lne
    • check capture point to detect falling down
    • Do not set is_stop_mode for testing
    • Add emergency stop mode and release mode for AutoBalancer
    • Add emergency stop port for autoBalancer to stop walking
    • enable to step with one leg
    • add height check to cycloid_delay_kick_hoffarbib_trajectory_generator and changed initerpolation point
    • modify cycloid_delay_kick_trajectory_generator by adding start_rot
    • modify orbit : enabled to modify kick_offset by function
    • 1 control loop by default for default_retrieve_time
    • Add retrieving after emergency stop
    • add swing leg orbit type :CYCLOIDDELAYKICK
    • Update single footstep support coords
    • Add support and swing leg coords to lcg
    • Add test13 to argument
    • Add test for arbitrary leg switching
    • Revert previous estop commit
    • Fix paren and indent
    • Update rmfo documentation. off_xx equal to xx
    • Update footstep calculation. Push refzmp list immediately.
    • Fix calculation of current remain time and update sample
    • Use footstep_node_list step_time in refzmp_generator
    • Rename leg_coords_generator _dt => dt
    • Remove one_step_len and use foot step time in footstep_node_list
    • Use step time from footstep node list in leg_coords_generator
    • Use total step count from footstep_node_list
    • Set step parameters for foot step node list
    • Set height, toe_angle, heel_angle to 0 at initial and final foot step
    • Add test for changing step param
    • Add set foot steps function
    • Add step_time for each step parameter. Currently interface are provided and step_time is not used in GaitGenerator
    • Fix go pos 000 discontinuous last foot.
    • Update overwrite refzmp
    • Remove unused function is_swinging_leg
    • Rename variables for lcg and add comments
    • Separate gait generator type, class, functions from gait_generator class
    • Add function to get remaining foot steps
    • Add emergency stop interface for walking. Currently, velocity mode is supported.
  • Stabilizer
    • add cp_check_margin to avoid hard coding
    • Add emregency check mode for st
    • Fix st cop check to strong constraint
    • Use is_emerency for emergency signal checking
    • Separate state calculation function for emergency signal
    • Add add_subdirectory for qpOASES
    • Fix calculation of stop queue and current seq state resetting
    • Svn co and build qpOases. Disabled by default
    • Add foot rot test
    • Add jaxonred zmp sample and parse args
    • Add test class for ZMPDistributor
    • plot alpha in ZMPdistributor check
    • Set outside margin
    • Add outside margin
    • Enable to set cop check margin
    • Add debug message and check both cop on ground
    • Add check cop outside
    • Add COPInfo including total moment x, y, and total force at each end effectors
    • Add documentation for test samples
  • ProjectGenerator
    • add a note in read to use a new program instead of this one
  • EmergencyStopper
    • add out port for emergency_mode
    • Fix m_stop_posture setting to be able to change retrieve time
    • Add EmergencyStopper Param and add getter and setter
    • Set interpolator and add message
    • Add emergency signal port to ES and ST and connect them (currently signal writing is comment-outed).
    • implement EmergencyStopper and add sample script
    • add source files of EmergencyStopper rtc
  • PDcontroller
    • Add warning for too short pdgain
  • Contributors: Eisoku Kuroiwa, Isaac IY Saito, Kei Okada, Masaki Murooka, Shunichi Nozawa, Takasugi Noriaki, Yuta Kojio

315.5.0 (2015-06-10)

Stable RTCs

  • rtc/SequencePlayer

    • [idl/SequencePlayerService.idl, SequencePlayer.{h,cpp}, SequencePlayerService_impl.{h,cpp}, seqplay.{h,cpp}] add clearJointAngles and clearJointAnglesOfGroup()

    • [seqplay.cpp] push current data to the queue

    • [idl/SequencePlayerService.idl, SequencePlayer.{h,cpp}, SequencePlayerService_impl{h,cpp}, seqplay.{h,cpp}] add setJointAnglesSequenceFull()

    • [interpolator.h] add dimension() returns dim

    • [interpolator.{cpp,h}] add setGoal(double *, double, bool = true)

      System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1815); backlink

      Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

    • [python/, SequencePlayer.{h,cpp}, SequencePlayerService_impl.cpp, seqplay.{h,cpp}] add setJointAnglesSequenceOfGroup

    • [SequencePlayer.cpp] use setJointAnglesSequence for setJointAngles

    • [idl/SequencePlayerService.idl, python/, SequencePlayer.{h,cpp}, SequencePlayerService_impl.{h,cpp}, seqplay.{h,cpp}] add setJointAnglesSequence wcich takes Sequence of JointAngles and overwrite current motion

  • rtc/StateHolder

    • [StateHolder.cpp] Reset StateHolder wrench in goActual. Currently zero is assumed.
  • rtc/RobotHardware

    • [RobotHardware.cpp,robot.{h,cpp}] adds check of joint command acceleration
    • [robot.{h,cpp}] use imu coordinate for reference gravity
    • [robot.{h,cpp}] memorize the previous joint commands
    • [RobotHardware.cpp,robot.{h,cpp}] modifies checkJointCommands() to check joint command velocities
    • [RobotHardware.cpp,robot.{h,cpp}] Revert "changes checkJointCommands() to check joint command velocities"
    • [RobotHardware.cpp,robot.{h,cpp}]changes checkJointCommands() to check joint command velocities
  • python

    • [] fixes a mistake in a debug message
    • [] add more features to logger
    • [] Add function to start and stop default unstable controllers (st, abc, ic)
    • [] Add kinematics_only_mode flag to hcf
    • [] add more error messages on activate and connnect components
    • [rpsyspy] chekc if RobotHadwareService has joint angle (to avoid confusion such as longfloor)
    • [] import waitInputConfirm from in to resolve function name
  • [package.xml] add deped to graphviz for dot program fix #629

Unstable RTCs

  • sample
    • [environments/DRCFinalStair.wrl] Add DRC final stair with sloped ground
    • [environments/DRCTestfieldStair.wrl] Add drc testfield stair
    • [environments/DRCTestbedTerrainJPBlock.wrl,environments/DRCTestbedTerrainUSBlock.wrl] Update location of each block of terrain models
    • [environments/DRCTestfieldTerrain.wrl] Add testfield drc terrain vrml file
    • [SampleRobot/] Add print message for impedance controller sample
    • [SampleRobot/] Add tracking check sample to impedance controller sample
    • [SampleRobot/CMakeLists.txt, ampleRobot/] Add kinematics only mode Project file for sample robot
  • rtc/AverageFilter
    • [AverageFilter.{h,cpp}] adds a configuration parameter, dilation
  • rtc/CameraImageLoader
    • adds a new component, CameraImageLoader
  • rtc/UndistortImage
    • [UndistortImage.cpp] fixes a bug in onExecute()
    • [UndistortImage.cpp] checks if the calibration file exists
    • adds a new component UndistortImage
  • rtc/SoftErrorLimiter
    • [SoftErrorLimit.cpp] display limit violation message for 0.2 period
    • [SoftErrorLimit.cpp] check velocity limit using limit - 0.01 deg, if we use limit = limit, then it will fail at RobotHardware
    • [SoftErrorLimit.cpp] display error message in the first time, see #498
  • rtc/ImpedanceController
    • [ImpedanceController.cpp] write debug message
    • [ImpedanceController.cpp] Stop impedance controller which is active in onDeactivated
    • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl, ImpedanceControllerService_impl.{cpp,h}, ImpedanceController.h] Add start and stop impedance without waiting
    • [ImpedanceOutputGenerator.h] Use new version impedance output generation by default which considerstarget acceleration
    • [ImpedanceOutputGenerator.h] Add comment for ImpedanceOutputGenerator
    • [ImpedanceOutputGenerator.h] Fix subtraction of current and target rotation
    • [ImpedanceController/testImpedanceOutputGenerator.cpp] Add plotting of rotation
    • [ImpedanceOutputGenerator.h] Add calcTargetVelocityNew.
    • Separate calculation of impedance control output. This commit will not change ImpedanceController behavior
    • [ImpedanceController.cpp,ImpedanceOutputGenerator.h] Update variables in ImpedanceOutputGenerator. Use output, target, and current
    • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl,ImpedanceController.{h,cpp},sample/SampleRobot/] Enable to fix ref force frame (experimental codes)
  • rtc/CollisionDetector
    • (Code Refactoring) [rtc/CollisionDetector] enable to work both collision_mask and use_collision_limb
    • [CollisionDetector.{h,cpp}] enable to work both collision_mask and use_collision_limb
    • [sample/SampleRobot/] Add example for desired collision behavior
    • [CollisionDetector.{h,cpp}] add use_limb_collision mode (VERY EXPERIMENTAL)
    • [sample/SampleRobot/]Add collision mask test added in
    • [CollisoinDetector.{h,cpp}] add m_collision_mask property
  • rtc/OccupancyGridMap3D
    • [OccupancyGridMap3D.cpp] emits update signal at the end of clear()
    • [idl/OGMap3DService.idl,OccupancyGridMap3D.{h,cpp},OGMap3DService_impl.{h,cpp}] adds clear() to OGMap3DService
  • rtc/KalmanFilter
    • [idl/KalmanFilterService.idl, KalmanFilter.{h,cpp}] Add kalman filter offset parameters
  • rtc/Stabilizer
    • [Stabilizer.cpp] Fix invalid st index
    • [Stabilizer.cpp] Fix pos_ctrl frame in stabilzier
    • [environments/DRCTestfieldStair.wrl, Stabilizer.cpp] Use sequence for foot_origin_offset and fix printing
    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.cpp] Enable to set foot origin offset in ST
    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.cpp] Add ee error pos and rot compensation and enable to set is_ik_enable
    • [Stabilizer.cpp] Make slow stabilizer sync
    • [Stabilizer.cpp] Use moment at EE instead of COP
    • [Stabilizer.cpp] Do not use local y COP offset
    • [ZMPDistributor.h] Update Stabilizer QP foot moment force distribution to use alpha parameter
    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl] Add documentation for st param
    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.{h,cpp}] Enable to change transition time of ST
    • [ZMPDistributor.h] Do not use foot distribution coords in force moment distribution and limit alpha
    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.{h,cpp}, ZMPDistributor.h, testZMPDistributor.cpp] Add alpha force moment distribution lpf
    • [idl/StabilizerService.idl, Stabilizer.cpp, ZMPDistributor.h] Enable to change force moment distribution
    • [ZMPDistributor.h] Update force moment distribution based on reference zmp alpha parameter.
  • rtc/AccelerationChecker
    • [AccelerationChecker.cpp] add stdio.h, hope this works on qnx
    • [AccelerationChecker.cpp] adds a configuration variable, print
  • rtc/AutoBalancer
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.{h,cpp}] Enable to set toe heel angle during setFootSteps
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] Fix org origin and target origin in adjust function
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp] Add adjust footstep for walking
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.{h,cpp}] Enable to set go pos finalize footsteps num
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Remove unused debug message
    • [GaitGenerator.{h,cpp}] Use swing_rot_ratio for swing rot calculation and swing_ratio to get swing phase
    • [GaitGenerator.{h,cpp}] directly use swing_ratio
    • [GaitGenerator.{h,cpp}] Rename rot_ratio -> foot_midcoords_ratio
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, AutoBalancerService_impl.{h,cpp}, GaitGenerator.h] Add waitFootStepsEarly
    • [GaitGenerator.{h,cpp}] Use setGoal instead of go in gait generator interpolators
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.{h,cpp}] Enable to set leg default offset position
    • [testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add foot rotation testing
    • [GaitGenerator.{h,cpp}] Use interpolator for foot rotation calculation
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.h, testGaitGenerator.cpp] Update toe_heel_phase_ratio enable to be set
    • [testGaitGenerator.cpp] Update for toe heel trajectory. Display toe heel trajectory and add test for it
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.{cpp,h}, testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add swing foot trajectry by combining cycloid and delay hoff arbib
    • [testGaitGenerator.cpp] Fix plot size of foot trajectory
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.h, testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add weighting parameter for final path of delay_hoffarbib_trajectory_generator
    • [GaitGenerator.{h,cpp}] Fix zmp transition in second and second_last phase
    • [GaitGenerator.h, testGaitGenerator.cpp] Fix gg param setting and plot cart zmp
    • [testGaitGenerator.cpp] Generate graph eps file, fix test9 foot steps, and arg setting
    • [testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add parsing of GaitGenerator params
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.{h,cpp}] Add print_param for GaitGenerator
    • [testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add foot velocity trajectories in GaitGenerator test
    • [GaitGenerator.{h,cpp}] Use calculation of default_double_support_static_ratio
    • [testGaitGenerator.cpp] Update graph printing and add print messages
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] Add default_double_support_static_ratio to keep reference zmp static
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.{h,cpp}] Enable to set zmp transition time for abc
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.{h,cpp}] Enable to set transition time for abc
    • [sample/SampleRObot/] Add test for discontinuous sync
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] clear interpolator before setting
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] Fix discontinuous when stopping auto balancer after walking
  • Contributors: Eisoku Kuroiwa, Fumio KANEHIRO, Kei Okada, Ryohei Ueda, Shunichi Nozawa

315.4.0 (2015-05-04)

Stable RTCs

  • RobotHardware (lib/io/iob.cpp) API Updated

    • [rtm/RobotHardware/robot.cpp] fix for source program with ROBOT_IOB_VERSION < 2
    • [RobotHardwareService.idl, lib/io/iob.cpp] adds a field, temperature to RobotState2
    • [RobotHardwareService.idl] changes interface to get battery status
    • [lib/io/iob{cpp,h},rtc/RobotHardware/{robot.cpp,robot.h,RobotHardwareService_impl.cpp,CMakeList.txt] add ROBOT_IOB_VERSION for backword compatibility
    • [RobotHardware, iob, BodyRTC] fix to compatible with old API
    • [lib/io/iob.cpp] adds the third argument to read_power of iob.h
    • [idl/RobotHardwareService.idl] adds a field, battery to RobotState
    • [RobotHrdware.cpp, robot.cpp] adds checkJointCommands() to check joint commands before setting
  • KalmanFilter

    • [KalmanFilter.cpp] output the body frame relative to a world reference frame as baseRpyCurrent
    • [KalmanFilter.cpp] use yaw of sensor->link->R for update of yaw instead of 0.0
    • [python/, KalmanFilter.cpp] connect port from rh.q to kf.qCurrent
    • [KalmanFilter.h] use openhrp3/hrplib/hrpUtil for rotation conversion

    • [] add startImpedance and stopImpedance
    • [] add MaxLength option for setupLogger
    • [] #567 is not correct PROJECT_DIR is

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 1999)

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    (OpenHRP3 installed directory)/share/OpenHRP-3.1/sample/project * [] #567 is wrong, do not need to decode * [] fix code to work on python2.5 * [] Import check_output near the line which check_output is used * [] add verbose option to findCOmps()

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  • [] add max_timeout_count to findComps()

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  • [] fix print message
  • [] add verbose option to getRTCInstanceList()
    • fix typo time->tm in stop()
    • adds timeout to start() and stop()
  • test
    • [test-samplerobot-impedance] add test code for impedance controller API
    • [test-drc-testbet.test] add test code for drc samplerobot
    • [test-robot-hardware.test] add test to check robot-hardware service call
    • [test-colcheck.test] load modelfiles
  • sample
    • [SampleRobot/] Update auto balancer python sample. Add toe heel samples.
    • [PA10/] add from hrpsys import OpenHRP, something has changed during openhrp3 3.1.7 and 3.1.8,
    • [sample/SampleRobot] fix for new PROJECT_DIR location
    • [sample/RampleRobot,sample/environment] install pyhton scripts under deval
    • [] fix typo
    • [] update kf test program for baseRpyCurrent
    • install SampleRobot.DRCTestbed.xml under devel
    • remove ROS examples, but enable to call Hrpsys examples directly
  • .travis
    • [, .travis.yml] compile with -DROBOT_IOB_VERSION=0
    • [] any diff between 315.1.9 and current is not permitted, since we use cproto without any -DROBOT_IOB_VERSION, so this should output header file compatible with stable version
    • [] hot fix for
    • [.travis.yml,] enable hrpsys with 315.1.10
    • [] RULE CHANGED adding new function to iob.h is ok
    • [] do not install test/share/samples/src of old hrpsys, use sample/test/launch of latest hrpsys
    • [] display test results when failure
  • [util/monitor]
    • [Monitor.cpp] show velocity and acceleration (hold maxmum value for 5 sec)
    • [Monitor.cpp] add -nogui mode
    • [main.cpp] add --host, --port, --interval option
    • [GLscene.cpp, Monitor.cpp, main.cpp] add many error check codes
  • [lib/util]
    • [bodyRTC.cpp] get sensor data through getStatus
    • [BodyRTC.cpp] fix bugs in #200
  • [CMakeLists.txt] touch rospack_nosubdirs for not search by roslaunch, onlyfor ROS users
  • [python/hrpsyspy] rewrite hrpsyspy, now you can just call hrpsyspy to create hcf instance

Unstable RTCs

  • OccupancyGridMap3D
    • [OccupancyGridMap3D.cpp] outputs an update signal when onActivate() is called
    • [OccupancyGridMap3D.cpp] uses mutex lock to prevent crash
  • ImpedanceController (API updated)
    • [JointPathEx.cpp] Enable to change weight caluclation. If use_inside_joint_weight_retrieval=true (true by default), inward joint weight retrievs to 1.0 (original). Otherwise, always weight is calculated from joint limit to solve
    • Disable use_inside_joint_weight_retrieval by default in ImpedanceController, AutoBalancer, Stabilizer to reduce oscillation (
    • [idl/ImpedanceControllerService.idl] Add optional weight vector for impedance control IK. Currently, this is used for toe joint supression.
    • [ImpedanceController.cpp] Fix target_link calculation for IC. Support sensor->link is not same as ee target link (such as toe joint).
  • AutoBalancer (API updated)
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Fix discontinuous autobalancer parameter using interpolator
    • [GaitGenerator.h] Fix foot trajectory discontinuous
    • [testGaitGenerator.cpp] Add plotting for several properties of GaitGenerator
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] Enable to configure toe heel zmp transition
  • Stabilizer (API updated)
    • [ZMPDistributor.h] Fix foot vertices and update evaluation codes
    • [Stabilizer.cpp] Update Stabilizer debug messages and calculation
    • [rtc/Stabilizer/testZMPDistributor.cpp] add stdio for qnx
    • [CMakeLists.txt] Add qpoases code. Disabled by default
    • [Stabilizer.cpp] Update for sole vertices
    • [ZMPDistributor.h] Add testing code for force distribution to use fz diff control ()
    • [ZMPDistributor.h] Add plotting of force moment
    • [Stabilizer.cpp] Separate ZMP distribution codes
    • [Stabilizer.cpp, idl/Stabilizer.idl] Enable to set Stabilizer gravitational acceleration (9.8 by default)
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Add comments and some functions are renamed
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Use negative value for heel_pos_offset_x
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl] Fix unit system in documenatation
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] Enable to set toe heel zmp
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Remove refzmp vel junping
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Add transition ZMP among toe, heel, and ee pos. Update tests.
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Rename supprot_leg_list -> swing_leg_list
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Update refzmp interpolation codes
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Use toe_heel_phase_counter pointer in lcg
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Add toe_heel_phase_counter. This should be change behaviour.
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] Get default zmp offset and use ZMP offset in abc
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Push swing_foot_zmp_offset to PreviewControl qdata and update sample
    • [PreviewController.cpp] Add qdata for preview control
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Enable to get swing foot zmp offset
    • [testGaitGenerator.cpp] Update testGaitGenerator plotting
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] Add check for toe heel ratio summation
    • [GaitGenerator.cpp] Use leg_type for array index
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp] Update leg_type. RLEG = 0, LLEG = 1. Add both and use it in Abc.
    • [/GaitGenerator.cpp] Rename WC_RLEG => RLEG, WC_LLEG => LLEG
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl] Add StepParam and enable to set step height
    • [GaitGenerator.h, testGaitGenerator.cpp] Update testGaitGenerator sample
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl] Add argument for toe and heel zmp
    • [idl/AutoBalancerService.idl, AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] Add parameter for use toe joint or not
    • [AutoBalancer.cpp, GaitGenerator.cpp, GaitGenerator.h] Use toe joint in heel toe contact. (Disabled by default)
    • [GaintGenerator.cpp] Update interpolation from toe to heel
  • Contributors: Eisoku Kuroiwa, Fumio KANEHIRO, Kei Okada, Shunichi Nozawa, YoheiKakiuchi, Chi Wun Au, Eisoku Kuroiwa, Masaki Mmurooka

315.3.2 (2015-04-13)

315.3.1 (2015-04-07)

Stable RTCs

Unstable RTCs

315.3.0 (2015-03-07)

Stable RTCs

Unstable RTCs

315.2.8 (2014-12-16)

Stable RTCs

Unstable RTCs

315.2.7 (2014-10-15)

  • (AutoBalancer, ImpedanceController) : Enable onDeactivated function for ImpedanceController and AutoBalancer
  • Added getControllerParams method and modified type of Param (struct -> class)
  • Added type check before use conf params

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  • fix for old pcl

System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 2659)

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  • (ImpedanceController, AutoBalancer, Stabilizer) : Move to idling mode if stop() and start() are called. This is discussed in
  • print exception when plugin is not found
  • add document to change timestep
  • (AutoBalancer) : Add time stamp to abc walking data ports and initialize contactStates
  • (GaitGenerator, Ratsmatrix) : Remove unused print functions and update print functions to use Eigen IOFormat
  • (AutoBalancer, ImpedanceController, RemoveForceSensorLinkOffset, Stabilizer) : Update unstable RTCs documentation
  • (hrpsys_config, DataLogger) : Enable to log contactStates as TimedBooleanSeq
  • set compile flag -ffloat-store to 32bit system add message for setting collision_loop
  • removes input dataport "sensorPose" and uses pose in RangeData
  • Connect q and qRef to ThermoEstimator to estimate joint torque from error
  • modify OpenHRP-3.1 path due to ROS-fhs layout, see #128

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315.2.6 (2014-09-30)

  • Adds PointCloudLogViewer, encords the number of points in point cloud. compiles PointCloudLogViewer only with PCL >= 1.7.
  • (Stabilizer) : Add leg inside margin to IDL
  • (KalmanFilter) : Add KalmanFilterParam as struct
  • Better error handling

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  • fixes linker error on 12.04amd
  • Partially reverted to handle Python version < 2.6

System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 2686)

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  • Add DataLogger logging for servoState port.
  • Add playPattern* methods.
  • (, SequencePlayer, StateHolder) : Add optional data for seq in
  • Add and connect logger ports for offset force moment and ref force moment

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  • Added old style parameter functions to TwoDofController for Stabilizer
  • Modified controller arguments from double valiables to struct parameter.

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  • Apply doxygen style, somehow needs exclamation mark (
  • Doc improved for many components: AverageFilter, ExtractCameraImage, SequencePlayer, HGcontroller, CaptureController, VideoCapture, PCDLoader, SORFilter, RangeNoiseMixer, CaptureController, JpegEncoder, RGB2Gray, PlaneRemover, AverageFilter. AutoBalancer, Stabilizer, KalmanFilter, RemoveForceSensorLinkOffset, ImpedanceController

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315.2.5 (2014-09-02)

  • Use force difference control
  • Add data port for Stabilizer root pos and rot debugging
  • (Stabilizer, Add debug port for Stabilizer compensation
  • Add both foot contact checker and update force z control

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  • Inhibit debug print in KalmanFilter.h
  • Add DEBUG to control printing of KalmanFilter
  • KF -> EKF and RPY -> Quaternion
  • Add wrapper for sample6dofrobot examples added in
  • Add set ref force and moment example for impedance controller
  • (terrain-walk) : Add wrapper of example in hrpsys-base
  • add graphbiz to install
  • add automatic push to gh-pages

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  • Enable to use RMFO on robots without imu. Connect RPY port only if it exists.
  • move api doc for some methods from downstream.
  • enable to set reference frame in get{Reference,Current}{Pose,Position,Rotation,RPY}, see #297
  • use CPython as default python and add

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315.2.4 (2014-08-10)

  • Add data port for acceleration reference which can be used in KalmanFilter.cpp
  • Use function and variable names. Use TargetParameter and CurrentParmeter
  • Remove duplicate codes for transition_smooth_gain
  • Remove unused codes and use is_legged_robot flag

System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 2750)

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  • Connect accRef from abc instead of seq. Note that connection from seq at previous r
  • Use contactStates in Stabilizer to specify single support ph
  • Add out data ports for Stabilizer debug

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  • Add print message and comments to samples, remove direct writing of getRTCList, and
  • Use .in file to specify openhrp3 directory for sample1.wrl model
  • Add conf_file setting to samplerobot.launch by copying hrpsys_tools/hrpsys/hrpsys.launch setting
  • Add impedancecontroller example

System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 2763)

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  • Fix transition between MODE_AIR, MODE_IDLE, and MODE_ST. Set MODE_AIR if startStabilizer
  • Fix USE_IMU_STATEFEEDBACK to USE_EEFM_STABILIZER for switching stabilizer algorithm and f
  • Add LPF for ground contact checking
  • Fix transition between st ON mode and st OFF mode
  • Rotate robot around COG in rpy control
  • Support rotational walking by fixing ref force and ref moment coordinates
  • Update calculation of actual and reference values for Stabilizer
  • Check legged robot or not
  • Add getActualParameters and update to use it
  • Update member variables (rename and remove)
  • Fix idl to specify zmp delay time constant and auxiliary zmp inp

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315.2.3 (2014-07-28)

315.2.2 (2014-06-17)

315.2.1 (2014-05-12)

315.2.0 (2014-05-11)

315.1.9 (2014-03-15)

315.1.8 (2014-03-06)