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geometry.hpp File Reference
#include <tf/tf.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/Pose.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/PoseStamped.h>
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namespace  mtk


double mtk::distance2D (double ax, double ay, double bx, double by)
double mtk::distance2D (geometry_msgs::Point a, geometry_msgs::Point b=geometry_msgs::Point())
double mtk::distance2D (geometry_msgs::Pose a, geometry_msgs::Pose b=geometry_msgs::Pose())
double mtk::distance2D (const tf::Vector3 &a, const tf::Vector3 &b=tf::Vector3())
double mtk::distance2D (const tf::Transform &a, const tf::Transform &b=tf::Transform())
double mtk::distance3D (double ax, double ay, double az, double bx, double by, double bz)
double mtk::distance3D (geometry_msgs::Point a, geometry_msgs::Point b=geometry_msgs::Point())
double mtk::distance3D (geometry_msgs::Pose a, geometry_msgs::Pose b=geometry_msgs::Pose())
double mtk::distance3D (const tf::Vector3 &a, const tf::Vector3 &b)
double mtk::distance3D (const tf::Transform &a, const tf::Transform &b)
double mtk::heading (geometry_msgs::Point a, geometry_msgs::Point b=geometry_msgs::Point())
double mtk::heading (geometry_msgs::Pose a, geometry_msgs::Pose b=geometry_msgs::Pose())
double mtk::heading (const tf::Vector3 &a, const tf::Vector3 &b)
double mtk::heading (const tf::Transform &a, const tf::Transform &b)
double mtk::minAngle (geometry_msgs::Quaternion a, geometry_msgs::Quaternion b)
double mtk::minAngle (geometry_msgs::Pose a, geometry_msgs::Pose b)
double mtk::minAngle (const tf::Quaternion &a, const tf::Quaternion &b)
double mtk::minAngle (const tf::Transform &a, const tf::Transform &b)
double mtk::pitch (const tf::Transform &tf)
double mtk::pitch (geometry_msgs::Pose pose)
double mtk::pitch (geometry_msgs::PoseStamped pose)
double mtk::pointSegmentDistance (double px, double py, double s1x, double s1y, double s2x, double s2y)
bool mtk::rayCircleIntersection (double rx, double ry, double cx, double cy, double radius, double &ix, double &iy, double &distance)
bool mtk::raySegmentIntersection (double r1x, double r1y, double r2x, double r2y, double s1x, double s1y, double s2x, double s2y, double &ix, double &iy, double &distance)
double mtk::roll (const tf::Transform &tf)
double mtk::roll (geometry_msgs::Pose pose)
double mtk::roll (geometry_msgs::PoseStamped pose)
bool mtk::sameFrame (const std::string &frame_a, const std::string &frame_b)
bool mtk::sameFrame (const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &a, const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &b)
double mtk::wrapAngle (double a)

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