mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M > Member List
This is the complete list of members for mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M >, including all inherited members.
boost::iterator_core_access classmongo_ros::ResultIterator< M > [friend]
cursor_mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M > [private]
dereference() const mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M > [private]
equal(const ResultIterator< M > &other) const mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M > [private]
gfs_mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M > [private]
increment()mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M > [private]
metadata_only_mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M > [private]
next_mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M > [private]
ResultIterator(boost::shared_ptr< mongo::DBClientConnection > conn, const std::string &ns, const mongo::Query &query, boost::shared_ptr< mongo::GridFS > gfs, bool metadata_only)mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M >
ResultIterator(const ResultIterator &rhs)mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M >
ResultIterator()mongo_ros::ResultIterator< M >

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