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Quaternion.h File Reference
#include "Vector3.h"
#include "QuadWord.h"
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class  tf::Quaternion
 The Quaternion implements quaternion to perform linear algebra rotations in combination with Matrix3x3, Vector3 and Transform. More...


namespace  tf


TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar tf::angle (const Quaternion &q1, const Quaternion &q2)
 Return the ***half*** angle between two quaternions.
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar tf::angleShortestPath (const Quaternion &q1, const Quaternion &q2)
 Return the shortest angle between two quaternions.
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar tf::dot (const Quaternion &q1, const Quaternion &q2)
 Calculate the dot product between two quaternions.
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion tf::inverse (const Quaternion &q)
 Return the inverse of a quaternion.
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar tf::length (const Quaternion &q)
 Return the length of a quaternion.
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion tf::operator* (const Quaternion &q1, const Quaternion &q2)
 Return the product of two quaternions.
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion tf::operator* (const Quaternion &q, const Vector3 &w)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion tf::operator* (const Vector3 &w, const Quaternion &q)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion tf::operator- (const Quaternion &q)
 Return the negative of a quaternion.
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 tf::quatRotate (const Quaternion &rotation, const Vector3 &v)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion tf::shortestArcQuat (const Vector3 &v0, const Vector3 &v1)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion tf::shortestArcQuatNormalize2 (Vector3 &v0, Vector3 &v1)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion tf::slerp (const Quaternion &q1, const Quaternion &q2, const tfScalar &t)
 Return the result of spherical linear interpolation betwen two quaternions.

Author(s): Tully Foote, Eitan Marder-Eppstein, Wim Meeussen
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