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00001 #pragma once
00002 #include <iostream>
00003 #include <iomanip>
00004 #include <cmath>
00005 #include <limits>
00006 #include "nrtypes_nr.h"
00007 #include "nr.h"
00008 using namespace std;
00010 void rkck(Vec_I_DP &y, Vec_I_DP &dydx, const DP x,
00011           const DP h, Vec_O_DP &yout, Vec_O_DP &yerr,
00012           void derivs(const DP, Vec_I_DP &, Vec_O_DP &));
00014 void rkqs(Vec_IO_DP &y, Vec_IO_DP &dydx, DP &x, const DP htry,
00015           const DP eps, Vec_I_DP &yscal, DP &hdid, DP &hnext,
00016           void derivs(const DP, Vec_I_DP &, Vec_O_DP &));
00019 void sprsin(Mat_I_DP &a, const DP thresh, Vec_O_DP &sa, Vec_O_INT &ija);
00020 DP  snrm(Vec_I_DP &sx, const int itol);
00021 void  sprsax(Vec_I_DP &sa, Vec_I_INT &ija, Vec_I_DP &x, Vec_O_DP &b);
00022 void  sprstx(Vec_I_DP &sa, Vec_I_INT &ija, Vec_I_DP &x, Vec_O_DP &b);

Author(s): Lintao Zheng, Kai Xu
autogenerated on Thu Jun 6 2019 19:50:56