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geometry.cpp File Reference
#include <OgreRay.h>
#include <OgrePlane.h>
#include <OgreCamera.h>
#include <OgreSceneNode.h>
#include <OgreViewport.h>
#include "geometry.h"
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namespace  rviz


bool rviz::getPointOnPlaneFromWindowXY (Ogre::Viewport *viewport, Ogre::Plane &plane, int window_x, int window_y, Ogre::Vector3 &intersection_out)
 Given a viewport and an x,y position in window-pixel coordinates, find the point on a plane directly behind it, if any.
float rviz::mapAngleTo0_2Pi (float angle)
 Return the input angle mapped back to the range 0 to 2*PI.
Ogre::Vector2 rviz::project3DPointToViewportXY (const Ogre::Viewport *view, const Ogre::Vector3 &pos)
 Given a viewport and a 3D position in world coordinates, project that point into the view plane.

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