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rqt_py_common.rqt_ros_graph.RqtRosGraph Class Reference

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def get_full_grn
def get_lower_grn_dfs
def get_upper_grn

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string DELIM_GRN = '/'

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@deprecated: Not completed.

Create full path format of GRN (Graph Resource Names, see Build GRN by recursively transcending
parents & children of a given QModelIndex instance.

A complete example of GRN: /wide_stereo/left/image_color/compressed

Upon its very 1st call, the argument is the index where user clicks on
on the view object (here QTreeView is used but should work with other
View too. Not tested yet though). str_grn can be 0-length string.

:type model_index: QModelIndex
:type str_grn: str
:param str_grn: This could be an incomplete or a complete GRN format.
:rtype: str

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def rqt_py_common.rqt_ros_graph.RqtRosGraph.get_lower_grn_dfs (   model_index,
  grn_prev = '' 
) [static]
Traverse all children treenodes and returns a list of "partial"
GRNs. Partial means that this method returns names under current level.

Ex. Consider a tree like this:

 |    |--1
 |      |--2
 |        |--3
 |          |--4
 |          |--5
 |            |--6
 |            |--7

Re-formatted in GRN (omitting root):


 Might not be obvious from tree representation but there are 4 nodes as
 GRN form suggests.

 (doc from here TBD)

:type model_index: QModelIndex
:type grn_prev: str
:rtype: str[]

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def rqt_py_common.rqt_ros_graph.RqtRosGraph.get_upper_grn (   model_index,
) [static]

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