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rocon_qt_library.interfaces.video_teleop_interface.VideoTeleopInterface Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def cmd_vel
def cmd_vel
def shutdown

Static Public Attributes

float cmd_vel_publishing_interval = 0.1
tuple image_received = Signal(sensor_msgs.CompressedImage, name="image_received")

Private Member Functions

def _publish_cmd_vel
def _ros_subscriber_image_callback

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

list __slots__

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rocon_qt_library.interfaces.video_teleop_interface.VideoTeleopInterface.__init__ (   self,
  cmd_vel_topic_name = 'cmd_vel',
  compressed_image_topic_name = 'compressed_image' 
Initialise the robot interface with slot connections back to whatever
qt views are attached and the ros topic names to be used.

:param slot image_received_slot: slot to connect to the ``image_received`` signal.
:param str cmd_vel_topic_name: topic name for the command velocity publisher.
:param str compressed_image_topic_name: topic name for the compressed image subscriber.

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Member Function Documentation

Convert the command into an appropriate one for the
cmd_vel topic and publish.

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Update the teleop image

:param sensor_msgs.CompressedImage msg: an image stream feed from the robot

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Returns this cmd_vel in a 2-tuple appropriate for 2d teleop'ing robots,
i.e. (linear, angular).

:returns: the last configured cmd_vel as a 2-tuple.
:rtype: (float, float)

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Convenient setter from a 2-tuple. The 2-tuple takes the form (linear, angular)
with units in (m/s, rad/s).


.. code-block:: python

   teleop_interaface.cmd_vel = (1.0, 0.35)  # linear x, angular z values)

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There is a problem in rospy here which spams you with a warning
when the cmd_vel is unregistered. This is just noise I believe (it shouldn't
be printing anything). The publisher gets unregistered properly. Should
be safe to ignore (lots of work to actually follow up).

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
                '_cmd_vel',                  # geometry_msgs.Twist

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tuple rocon_qt_library::interfaces::video_teleop_interface.VideoTeleopInterface::image_received = Signal(sensor_msgs.CompressedImage, name="image_received") [static]

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