Command Line Usage

The rocon_launch tool executes .concert files which are effectively an xml formatted super-ros-launcher.


Executing rocon_launch is very similar to roslaunch but has some notable differences. Typically it will be run via a reference to a package:

> rocon_launch package_name file.concert

or directly:

> rocon_launch file.concert


Force a specific terminal

-k, --konsole   spawn individual ros systems via multiple konsole terminals
-g, --gnome     spawn individual ros systems via multiple gnome terminals

Verbose Roslaunch Output

--screen        run each roslaunch with the --screen option

Single Terminal

--no-terminals  do not spawn terminals for each roslaunch

Keep Terminals Open

This is useful for debugging roslaunched environments that are having problems shutting down.

--hold          hold terminals open after upon completion (incompatible with


Arguments can be specified on the command line in the same way as roslaunch:

> rocon_launch package_name file.concert my_arg:=my_value

See also the tag arg definition.

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