Rapp API

class rocon_app_utilities.rapp.Rapp(name, rospack=<rospkg.rospack.RosPack object at 0x7f3bf2321b50>, filename=None)[source]

Rocon(or Robot) App definition.


classifies itself. It sets the following member variables.

parent_name : It has parent if it is child is_implementation : Is it implementation? is_ancestor : Is it Ancestor? type : str(Virtual Ancestor, Implementation Ancestor or Implementation Child)


Inherits missing information from the given rapp

Parameters:rapp (rocon_app_utilities.Rapp) – rapp to inherit

it compares its compatibility with given uri. and returns true if it is compatible. If it is virtual rapp which does not have compatibility field, return True always

Parameters:uri (rocon_uri.RoconURI) – rocon_uri
Returns:true if compatible
Return type:bool

Specification consists of resource which is file pointer. This function loads those files in memeory


loads rapp data from file. and classifies itself.

Parameters:filename (str) – absolute path to rapp definition

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