Planner Member List
This is the complete list of members for Planner, including all inherited members.
getBestAction(const std::vector< float > &s)=0Planner [pure virtual]
planOnNewModel()=0Planner [pure virtual]
random_max_element(std::vector< float >::iterator start, std::vector< float >::iterator end)Planner [inline]
savePolicy(const char *filename)Planner [inline, virtual]
setFirst()Planner [inline, virtual]
setModel(MDPModel *model)=0Planner [pure virtual]
setSeeding(bool seeding)Planner [inline, virtual]
updateModelWithExperience(const std::vector< float > &last, int act, const std::vector< float > &curr, float reward, bool terminal)=0Planner [pure virtual]
~Planner()Planner [inline, virtual]

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