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NodeMapFactory.h File Reference

Definition of the node map factory. More...

#include <GenApi/GenApiVersion.h>
#include <GenApi/GenApiDll.h>
#include <Base/GCString.h>
#include <Base/GCStringVector.h>
#include <memory>
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class  GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CNodeMapFactory
 The node map factory is used for creating node maps from camera description files. More...
struct  GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CNodeMapFactory::NodeStatistics_t



Part of the generic device API.


enum  GENAPI_NAMESPACE::ECacheUsage_t { GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CacheUsage_Automatic, GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CacheUsage_ForceWrite, GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CacheUsage_ForceRead, GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CacheUsage_Ignore }
 Lists the cache usage strategies. More...
enum  GENAPI_NAMESPACE::EContentType_t { GENAPI_NAMESPACE::ContentType_Xml, GENAPI_NAMESPACE::ContentType_ZippedXml }
 Lists the processable file types. More...

Detailed Description

Definition of the node map factory.

Definition in file NodeMapFactory.h.

Author(s): Heiko Hirschmueller
autogenerated on Thu Jun 6 2019 18:42:47