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IFloat.h File Reference

Definition of the IFloat interface. More...

#include <GenApi/GenApiDll.h>
#include <GenApi/Types.h>
#include <GenApi/IValue.h>
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class  GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CFloatRefT< T >



Part of the generic device API.


typedef CFloatRefT< IFloat > GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CFloatRef
 Reference to an IFloat pointer.


virtual EDisplayNotation GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetDisplayNotation () const =0
 Get the way the float should be converted to a string.
virtual int64_t GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetDisplayPrecision () const =0
 Get the precision to be used when converting the float to a string.
virtual double GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetInc ()=0
 Get the constant increment if there is any.
virtual EIncMode GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetIncMode ()=0
 Get increment mode.
virtual double_autovector_t GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetListOfValidValues (bool bounded=true)=0
 Get list of valid value.
virtual double GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetMax ()=0
 Get maximum value allowed.
virtual double GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetMin ()=0
 Get minimum value allowed.
virtual ERepresentation GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetRepresentation ()=0
 Get recommended representation.
virtual GENICAM_NAMESPACE::gcstring GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetUnit () const =0
 Get the physical unit name.
virtual bool GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetValue (bool Verify=false, bool IgnoreCache=false) const =0
 Get node value.
virtual bool GENAPI_NAMESPACE::HasInc ()=0
 True if the float has a constant increment.
virtual void GENAPI_NAMESPACE::ImposeMax (double Value)=0
 Restrict maximum value.
virtual void GENAPI_NAMESPACE::ImposeMin (double Value)=0
 Restrict minimum value.
virtual bool GENAPI_NAMESPACE::operator() () const
 Get node value.
virtual GENICAM_NAMESPACE::gcstring GENAPI_NAMESPACE::operator* ()=0
 Get string node value.
virtual IFloat & GENAPI_NAMESPACE::operator= (double Value)=0
 Set node value.


 Interface for float properties.

Detailed Description

Definition of the IFloat interface.

Definition in file IFloat.h.

Author(s): Heiko Hirschmueller
autogenerated on Thu Jun 6 2019 18:42:47