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GCTypes.h File Reference

Platform-dependent type definitions. More...

#include <Base/GCNamespace.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdint.h>
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struct  GENICAM_NAMESPACE::Version_t
 version More...




#define GC_INT32_MAX   static_cast<int64_t>(0x000000007fffffffLL) /* maximum signed int32 value */
#define GC_INT32_MIN   static_cast<int64_t>(0xffffffff80000000LL) /* minimum signed int32 value */
#define GC_INT64_MAX   static_cast<int64_t>(0x7fffffffffffffffLL) /* maximum signed int64 value */
#define GC_INT64_MIN   static_cast<int64_t>(0x8000000000000000LL) /* minimum signed int64 value */
#define GC_INT8_MAX   static_cast<int64_t>(0x000000000000007fLL) /* maximum signed int8 value */
#define GC_INT8_MIN   static_cast<int64_t>(0xffffffffffffff80LL) /* minimum signed int8 value */
#define GC_UINT32_MAX   static_cast<uint64_t>(0x00000000ffffffffULL) /* maximum unsigned int32 value */
#define GC_UINT64_MAX   static_cast<uint64_t>(0xffffffffffffffffULL) /* maximum unsigned int64 value */
#define GC_UINT8_MAX   static_cast<uint64_t>(0x00000000000000ffULL) /* maximum unsigned int8 value */


typedef float float32_t
 32 bit floating point
typedef double float64_t
 64 bit floating point

Detailed Description

Platform-dependent type definitions.

Definition in file GCTypes.h.

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Definition at line 47 of file GCTypes.h.

Definition at line 43 of file GCTypes.h.

#define GC_INT32_MAX   static_cast<int64_t>(0x000000007fffffffLL) /* maximum signed int32 value */

Definition at line 178 of file GCTypes.h.

#define GC_INT32_MIN   static_cast<int64_t>(0xffffffff80000000LL) /* minimum signed int32 value */

Definition at line 186 of file GCTypes.h.

#define GC_INT64_MAX   static_cast<int64_t>(0x7fffffffffffffffLL) /* maximum signed int64 value */

Definition at line 154 of file GCTypes.h.

#define GC_INT64_MIN   static_cast<int64_t>(0x8000000000000000LL) /* minimum signed int64 value */

Definition at line 162 of file GCTypes.h.

#define GC_INT8_MAX   static_cast<int64_t>(0x000000000000007fLL) /* maximum signed int8 value */

Definition at line 202 of file GCTypes.h.

#define GC_INT8_MIN   static_cast<int64_t>(0xffffffffffffff80LL) /* minimum signed int8 value */

Definition at line 210 of file GCTypes.h.

#define GC_UINT32_MAX   static_cast<uint64_t>(0x00000000ffffffffULL) /* maximum unsigned int32 value */

Definition at line 194 of file GCTypes.h.

#define GC_UINT64_MAX   static_cast<uint64_t>(0xffffffffffffffffULL) /* maximum unsigned int64 value */

Definition at line 170 of file GCTypes.h.

#define GC_UINT8_MAX   static_cast<uint64_t>(0x00000000000000ffULL) /* maximum unsigned int8 value */

Definition at line 218 of file GCTypes.h.

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