Development guide

Pyros-setup is a pure python to ROS interface. It can dynamically discover a ROS setup, and a user can develop normal python packages that interract with ROS, without needing to know anything about ROS. Only using pyros from its pip package should be enough.

Developing such interfacing code needs to be done carefully :

  • pyros-setup needs to be fully functional as a pip package. dynamically discovering ROS environment and dependencies, and providing them to python users.

=> a pip package is provided

  • pyros-setup needs to be usable in ROS as a normal ros package as much as possible, so that developing it along with ROS is as painless as possible.

=> pyros-setup should be usable from source as a usual catkin package in a catkin workspace. => pyros-setup pip package should be installable via rosdep, so that other packages can depend on it. It is currently not possible for a normal python package to fully integrate with catkin deb packages without heavy ROS specific modifications, so a deb package will not be provided. Instead, packages who want to depend on it, should use the rosdep pip dependency. Note : The mid-term consequences are still widely unknown...

Development Environment Setup

To work on lowlevel package like pyros-setup and guarantee close compatibility both with ros and python, it is better to install only a minimal ROS system. And to be able to quickly learn the code and identify issues in underlying dependencies, sources are always better.

ROS From Source (ubuntu)

Setting up ROS package repositories (maybe not needed if we get everything from source. better to skip this to make sure we know when rosdep wants to grab ROS packages)
$ sudo apt-key adv –keyserver hkp:// –recv-key 0xB01FA116 $ sudo sh -c ‘echo “deb $(lsb_release -sc) main” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ros-latest.list’
Getting ROS dependencies from source

$ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install build-essential

$ git clone $ git clone $ git clone $ git clone $ cd rosdep $ source

$ sudo rosdep init $ rosdep update

Getting minimal ROS
$ mkdir ~/ros_catkin_ws $ cd ~/ros_catkin_ws $ rosinstall_generator ros_comm –rosdistro indigo –deps –wet-only –tar > indigo-ros_comm-wet.rosinstall $ wstool init -j8 src indigo-ros_comm-wet.rosinstall $ rosdep install –from-paths src –ignore-src –rosdistro indigo -y $ ./src/catkin/bin/catkin_make_isolated –install -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
Updating minimal ROS
$ mv -i indigo-ros_comm-wet.rosinstall indigo-ros_comm-wet.rosinstall.old $ rosinstall_generator ros_comm –rosdistro indigo –deps –wet-only –tar > indigo-ros_comm-wet.rosinstall $ diff -u indigo-ros_comm-wet.rosinstall indigo-ros_comm-wet.rosinstall.old $ wstool merge -t src indigo-ros_comm-wet.rosinstall $ wstool update -t src $ ./src/catkin/bin/catkin_make_isolated –install
Sourcing ROS setup (and dropping into usual ROS setup)
$ source ~/ros_catkin_ws/install_isolated/setup.bash

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