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BFL::MCPdfVector Class Reference

Class representing a vector mcpdf. More...

#include <mcpdf_vector.h>

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virtual tf::Vector3 ExpectedValueGet () const
MatrixWrapper::Matrix getHistogram (const tf::Vector3 &min, const tf::Vector3 &max, const tf::Vector3 &step) const
 Get pos histogram from certain area.
void getParticleCloud (const tf::Vector3 &step, double threshold, sensor_msgs::PointCloud &cloud) const
 Get evenly distributed particle cloud.
 MCPdfVector (unsigned int num_samples)
virtual unsigned int numParticlesGet () const
virtual WeightedSample
< tf::Vector3
SampleGet (unsigned int particle) const
virtual ~MCPdfVector ()

Detailed Description

Class representing a vector mcpdf.

Definition at line 47 of file mcpdf_vector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MCPdfVector::MCPdfVector ( unsigned int  num_samples)


Definition at line 52 of file mcpdf_vector.cpp.


Definition at line 56 of file mcpdf_vector.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Reimplemented from BFL::BFL::MCPdf< tf::Vector3 >.

Definition at line 67 of file mcpdf_vector.cpp.

MatrixWrapper::Matrix MCPdfVector::getHistogram ( const tf::Vector3 min,
const tf::Vector3 max,
const tf::Vector3 step 
) const

Get pos histogram from certain area.

Get histogram from pos.

Definition at line 136 of file mcpdf_vector.cpp.

void MCPdfVector::getParticleCloud ( const tf::Vector3 step,
double  threshold,
sensor_msgs::PointCloud &  cloud 
) const

Get evenly distributed particle cloud.

Definition at line 83 of file mcpdf_vector.cpp.

unsigned int MCPdfVector::numParticlesGet ( ) const [virtual]

Definition at line 160 of file mcpdf_vector.cpp.

WeightedSample< Vector3 > MCPdfVector::SampleGet ( unsigned int  particle) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from BFL::BFL::MCPdf< tf::Vector3 >.

Definition at line 60 of file mcpdf_vector.cpp.

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