Running Tests In MoveIt!

How to test changes to MoveIt! on various robots, including unit and integration tests.

Note: This is a stub tutorial, to be expanded upon in the future

Integration Test

A Python-based integration test is available for testing higher-level move_group functionality in MoveIt! - to run

rostest moveit_ros_planning_interface python_move_group.test

Test Robots


From the package moveit_pr2

roslaunch pr2_moveit_config demo.launch

Fanuc M-10iA

From the package moveit_resources

roslaunch moveit_resources demo.launch

Unit Tests

To run unit tests locally on the entire MoveIt! catkin workspace using catkin-tools:

catkin run_tests -iv

To run a test for just 1 package:

catkin run_tests --no-deps --this -iv

Kinematic Tests

An additional test suite for the KinematicBase features in MoveIt! is available in the package moveit_kinematic_tests

Open Source Feedback

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