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constants.hpp File Reference

Mathematical constants. More...

#include <cmath>
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namespace  ecl

Embedded control libraries.


double const ecl::pi = 4.0*std::atan(1.0)
 Mathematical constant for pi.
const double ecl::pi_2 = pi/2.0
 Mathematical constant for pi/2.
const float ecl::pi_2_f = pi_2
 Mathematical constant (float format) for pi/2.
const double ecl::pi_4 = pi/4.0
 Mathematical constant for pi/4.
const float ecl::pi_4_f = pi_4
 Mathematical constant (float format) for pi/4.
const float ecl::pi_f = pi
 Mathematical constant (float format) for pi.
const double ecl::two_pi = 2.0*pi
 Mathematical constant for 2*pi.
const float ecl::two_pi_f = two_pi
 Mathematical constant (float format) for 2*pi.

Detailed Description

Mathematical constants.

May 2009

Definition in file constants.hpp.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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