Component responsible for launching and managing concert services.


ROS APIs are documented in ROS Wiki.

Enable Service Process

Concert service can be enabled via default_auto_enable_services parameter or ros service call. When it receives enable service request, the enabling process is the following.

  1. Reload service pool and check if the requested service availble. Also checks if it is already enabled. in service_manager.py
  2. Load default service parameters(name, description, priority, and uuid. in service_manager.py
  3. Load custom service parameters(params in .parameters). in service_instance.py
  4. Launch service instance as subprocess. in service_instance.py
  5. Load service interactions. in serviceinstance.py

Service Caching

Service local caching is designed to separate default service parameters and local configuration. Please check design and usage via github issues. This feature can be enabled to set disable_cache param as false.

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