The following will launch a default concert solution:

$ roslaunch concert_master concert_master.launch --screen

A default solution will have the following:

  • A zeroconf_avahi node broadcasting it’s presence on the network
  • The rocon gateway components for discovery and communicating with ros robots (on separate masters).
  • The concert_conductor for inviting and managing connections to ros robots.
  • The concert_service_manager for managing concert services.
  • A simple node which advertises introspectable concert information to remocons.
  • The default scheduler for allocating robot resources to concert services.
  • A concert with zero services loaded.

Since there are no services, it won’t actually run anything, but it is useful for investigating what are the core parts of the concert. Services can be loaded either via launcher arg, or by calling the appropriate ros service handles provided by the concert service manager (note concert services are entire ros subsystems vs the simple middleware communication mechanism that is a ros service).

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