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Migrating from Fuerte catkin

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Updating a catkin package for Indigo

If your catkin package is working in Groovy/Hydro it should be easy to get it working in Indigo too.

Removed deprecated functions

The following CMake functions and macros which were deprecated before have been removed from catkin in Indigo. Please replace them with their replacement:

  • add_gtest(..) => catkin_add_gtest(..)
  • add_nosetests(..) => catkin_add_nosetests(..)
  • download_test_data(url md5) => catkin_download_test_data(target url MD5 md5)
  • parse_arguments(..) => cmake_parse_arguments(..)

Removed Eigen CMake config file

The previously provided CMake config file for Eigen has been removed. Instead you might want to use the CMake module provided by the cmake_modules package.