bebop_msgs/Ardrone3PilotingStateNavigateHomeStateChanged Message

File: bebop_msgs/Ardrone3PilotingStateNavigateHomeStateChanged.msg

Raw Message Definition

# Ardrone3PilotingStateNavigateHomeStateChanged
# auto-generated from up stream XML files at
# To check upstream commit hash, refer to last_build_info file
# Do not modify this file by hand. Check scripts/meta folder for generator files.
# SDK Comment: Return home state.\n Availability is related to gps fix, magnetometer calibration.

Header header

# State of navigate home
uint8 state_available=0  # Navigate home is available
uint8 state_inProgress=1  # Navigate home is in progress
uint8 state_unavailable=2  # Navigate home is not available
uint8 state_pending=3  # Navigate home has been received, but its process is pending
uint8 state
# Reason of the state
uint8 reason_userRequest=0  # User requested a navigate home (available->inProgress)
uint8 reason_connectionLost=1  # Connection between controller and product lost (available->inProgress)
uint8 reason_lowBattery=2  # Low battery occurred (available->inProgress)
uint8 reason_finished=3  # Navigate home is finished (inProgress->available)
uint8 reason_stopped=4  # Navigate home has been stopped (inProgress->available)
uint8 reason_disabled=5  # Navigate home disabled by product (inProgress->unavailable or available->unavailable)
uint8 reason_enabled=6  # Navigate home enabled by product (unavailable->available)
uint8 reason

Compact Message Definition

uint8 state_available=0
uint8 state_inProgress=1
uint8 state_unavailable=2
uint8 state_pending=3
uint8 reason_userRequest=0
uint8 reason_connectionLost=1
uint8 reason_lowBattery=2
uint8 reason_finished=3
uint8 reason_stopped=4
uint8 reason_disabled=5
uint8 reason_enabled=6
std_msgs/Header header
uint8 state
uint8 reason