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Title:ROS distribution files
Author:Dirk Thomas <dthomas at openrobotics.org>
Type:Standards Track


This REP updates the specification of the ROS distribution files facilitated in the building, packaging, testing and documenting process.

The intention is to separate the buildfarm related configuration options from the information describing the ROS packages and repositories [1] [2].

This REP is a revised version of REP 141 [3]. It currently does not repeat the content of REP 141 but only states the differences.


Index file

  • distributions

    • distribution: list of reference to the distribution files A single distribution file guarantees that there are no duplicate repositories and is therefore preferred. But when running a custom buildfarm which only adds custom repositories it is much smoother to maintain them in a separate file to avoid any kind of conflicts.

      The files are read in the order they are listed and entries in later distribution files are overwriting entries from previous distribution files. This can be used to override specific repositories with either a forked variant or a specific version number. bloom will create pull requests against the last distribution file since even when the repository is present in any of the other distribution files the "overlaying" version should be stored in the last one.

    • release_builds / source_builds / doc_builds: are being removed since they only contain information relevant to the buildfarm

  • version: version number, this REP describes version 3 (instead of version 2 described in REP 141 [3] and version 1 described in REP 137 [4])

Distribution file

  • repositories
    • source
      • test_commits: a boolean flag used to enable CI jobs for each commit to the branch specified under versions. (default: false)
      • test_pull_requests: a boolean flag used to enable CI jobs for each pull request against the branch specified under version. (default: false)
      • version: if test_pull_requests is enabled the version must specify a branch.
  • tags: list of tag names to identify the group of repositories specified by the distribution file. It allows build files to refer to sets of repositories / packages based on in which distribution file they are defined.
  • version: version number, this REP describes version 2 (instead of version 1 described in REP 141 [3] and REP 137 [4])

Reference implementation

This REP is to be implemented in version 0.4 of the Python package rosdistro. It will serve as a reference implementation for this REP. A draft implementation can be found in [5].

Compatibility issues

The draft implementation of rosdistro is able to parse both index format version 2 as well as 3.

To leverage the new ability to list multiple distribution files the following additional API will be introduced:

  • rosdistro.get_distribution_files()

The existing API ('rosdistro.get_distribution_file()') will continue to provide the correct data by merging the information from all distribution files.

All function related to the removed build files will simply return empty lists.

As soon as the new version of 'rosdistro' is released the 'ros/rosdistro' repository [6] is being updated to the new format (for Hydro and higher). Any client accessing trying to access the data with an old 'rosdistro' version will get an error message like this:

Unable to handle 'index' format version '3', please update rosdistro...

Affected tools

The only tool beside the "old" buildfarm accessing the raw rosdistro data which needs to be updated is 'rosdep' [7].

All other tools using the API of rosdistro (even if deprecated) will continue to work.

In order to allow releasing packages into rosdistro repositories with multiple distribution files 'bloom' will need to be updated [8].