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javax.jmdns.impl.constants.DNSRecordClass Enum Reference

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Public Member Functions

 DNSRecordClass (String name, int index)
String externalName ()
int indexValue ()
boolean isUnique (int index)
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static DNSRecordClass classForIndex (int index)
static DNSRecordClass classForName (String name)

Public Attributes

 CLASS_ANY = ("any", 255)
 CLASS_CH = ("ch", 3)
 CLASS_CS = ("cs", 2)
 CLASS_HS = ("hs", 4)
 CLASS_IN = ("in", 1)
 CLASS_NONE = ("none", 254)
 CLASS_UNKNOWN = ("?", 0)

Static Public Attributes

staticfinal int CLASS_MASK = 0x7FFF
staticfinal int CLASS_UNIQUE = 0x8000
staticfinal boolean NOT_UNIQUE = false
staticfinal boolean UNIQUE = true

Private Attributes

final String _externalName
final int _index

Static Private Attributes

staticLogger logger = Logger.getLogger(DNSRecordClass.class.getName())

Detailed Description

DNS Record Class

Arthur van Hoff, Jeff Sonstein, Werner Randelshofer, Pierre Frisch, Rick Blair

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

javax.jmdns.impl.constants.DNSRecordClass.DNSRecordClass ( String  name,
int  index 
) [inline]

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Member Function Documentation

class for name

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class for name

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Return the string representation of this type


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Return the numeric value of this type


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boolean javax.jmdns.impl.constants.DNSRecordClass.isUnique ( int  index) [inline]

Checks if the class is unique

true is the class is unique, false otherwise.

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Member Data Documentation

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Not a DNS class, but a DNS query class, meaning "all classes"

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static final Internet

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static final int javax.jmdns.impl.constants.DNSRecordClass.CLASS_MASK = 0x7FFF [static]

Multicast DNS uses the bottom 15 bits to identify the record class...
Except for pseudo records like OPT.

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Used in DNS UPDATE [RFC 2136]

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static final int javax.jmdns.impl.constants.DNSRecordClass.CLASS_UNIQUE = 0x8000 [static]

For answers the top bit indicates that all other cached records are now invalid.
For questions it indicates that we should send a unicast response.

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static Logger javax.jmdns.impl.constants.DNSRecordClass.logger = Logger.getLogger(DNSRecordClass.class.getName()) [static, private]

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static final boolean javax.jmdns.impl.constants.DNSRecordClass.NOT_UNIQUE = false [static]

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static final boolean javax.jmdns.impl.constants.DNSRecordClass.UNIQUE = true [static]

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