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javax.jmdns.impl.JmDNSImpl.ServiceTypeEntry Class Reference
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class  SubTypeEntry

Public Member Functions

boolean add (String subtype)
ServiceTypeEntry clone ()
boolean contains (String subtype)
Set< Map.Entry< String, String > > entrySet ()
String getType ()
Iterator< String > iterator ()
 ServiceTypeEntry (String type)
String toString ()

Private Attributes

final Set< Map.Entry< String,
String > > 
final String _type

Detailed Description

This is used to store type entries. The type is stored as a call variable and the map support the subtypes.

The key is the lowercase version as the value is the case preserved version.

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Member Function Documentation

boolean javax.jmdns.impl.JmDNSImpl.ServiceTypeEntry.add ( String  subtype) [inline]

Adds the specified element to this set if it is not already present. More formally, adds the specified element e to this set if this set contains no element e2 such that (e==null ? e2==null : e.equals(e2)). If this set already contains the element, the call leaves the set unchanged and returns false.

subtypeelement to be added to this set
true if this set did not already contain the specified element

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boolean javax.jmdns.impl.JmDNSImpl.ServiceTypeEntry.contains ( String  subtype) [inline]

Returns true if this set contains the specified element. More formally, returns true if and only if this set contains an element e such that (o==null ? e==null : o.equals(e)).

subtypeelement whose presence in this set is to be tested
true if this set contains the specified element

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Set<Map.Entry<String, String> > javax.jmdns.impl.JmDNSImpl.ServiceTypeEntry.entrySet ( ) [inline]

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The type associated with this entry.

the type

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Returns an iterator over the elements in this set. The elements are returned in no particular order (unless this set is an instance of some class that provides a guarantee).

an iterator over the elements in this set

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Member Data Documentation

final Set<Map.Entry<String, String> > javax.jmdns.impl.JmDNSImpl.ServiceTypeEntry._entrySet [private]

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