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javax.jmdns.JmmDNS.Factory Class Reference

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interface  ClassDelegate

Static Public Member Functions

static ClassDelegate classDelegate ()
static JmmDNS getInstance ()
static void setClassDelegate (ClassDelegate delegate)

Static Protected Member Functions

static JmmDNS newJmmDNS ()

Private Member Functions

 Factory ()

Static Private Attributes

static final AtomicReference
< ClassDelegate
_databaseClassDelegate = new AtomicReference<ClassDelegate>()
static volatile JmmDNS _instance

Detailed Description

JmmDNS.Factory enable the creation of new instance of JmmDNS.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

javax.jmdns.JmmDNS.Factory.Factory ( ) [inline, private]

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Member Function Documentation

Returns JmmDNS's class delegate.

JmmDNS's class delegate.
See also:
setClassDelegate(ClassDelegate anObject)

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static JmmDNS javax.jmdns.JmmDNS.Factory.getInstance ( ) [inline, static]

Return the instance of the Multihommed Multicast DNS.

the JmmDNS

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static JmmDNS javax.jmdns.JmmDNS.Factory.newJmmDNS ( ) [inline, static, protected]

Returns a new instance of JmmDNS using the class delegate if it exists.

new instance of JmmDNS

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static void javax.jmdns.JmmDNS.Factory.setClassDelegate ( ClassDelegate  delegate) [inline, static]

Assigns delegate as JmmDNS's class delegate. The class delegate is optional.

delegateThe object to set as JmmDNS's class delegate.
See also:

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Member Data Documentation

final AtomicReference<ClassDelegate> javax.jmdns.JmmDNS.Factory._databaseClassDelegate = new AtomicReference<ClassDelegate>() [static, private]

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volatile JmmDNS javax.jmdns.JmmDNS.Factory._instance [static, private]

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