ROSComm Member List
This is the complete list of members for ROSComm, including all inherited members.
cov_x_theta_ROSComm [private]
cov_x_y_ROSComm [private]
cov_y_theta_ROSComm [private]
joint_pub_ROSComm [private]
n_ROSComm [private]
odom_broadcaster_ROSComm [private]
odom_pub_ROSComm [private]
populateCovariance(nav_msgs::Odometry &msg, double v_x, double v_theta)ROSComm [private]
publish_tf_ROSComm [private]
ROSComm(const ros::NodeHandle &n, double sigma_x, double sigma_theta, double cov_x_y, double cov_x_theta, double cov_y_theta)ROSComm [inline]
send_odometry(double x, double y, double theta, double v_x, double v_theta, double wheelpos_l, double wheelpos_r)ROSComm [virtual]
setTFPrefix(const std::string &tf_prefix)ROSComm
sigma_theta_ROSComm [private]
sigma_x_ROSComm [private]
tf_prefix_ROSComm [private]
~Comm()Comm [inline, virtual]

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