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rpp_vecmat.h File Reference
#include "rpp_const.h"
#include "rpp_types.h"
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namespace  rpp


real_t rpp::_abs (real_t a)
real_t rpp::_acos (real_t a)
real_t rpp::_atan2 (real_t a, real_t b)
real_t rpp::_cos (real_t a)
bool rpp::_dbg_load_vec3_array (vec3_array &va, char *filename)
void rpp::_dbg_mat33_array_print (const mat33_array &m, char *name)
void rpp::_dbg_mat33_fprint (void *fp, const mat33_t &m, char *name)
void rpp::_dbg_mat33_print (const mat33_t &m, char *name)
void rpp::_dbg_quat_print (const quat_t &q, char *name)
void rpp::_dbg_scalar_array_print (const scalar_array &sa, char *name)
void rpp::_dbg_vec3_array_print (const vec3_array &v, char *name)
void rpp::_dbg_vec3_fprint (void *fp, const vec3_t &v, char *name)
void rpp::_dbg_vec3_print (const vec3_t &v, char *name)
real_t rpp::_pow (real_t a)
real_t rpp::_sin (real_t a)
real_t rpp::_sqrt (real_t a)
void rpp::free_double_pptr (double ***m_ptr)
void rpp::free_double_ptr (double **v_ptr)
void rpp::mat33_add (mat33_t &mr, const mat33_t &ma, const mat33_t &mb)
void rpp::mat33_add (mat33_t &ma, const mat33_t &mb)
bool rpp::mat33_all_zeros (const mat33_t &m)
void rpp::mat33_array_sum (mat33_t &s, const mat33_array &ma)
void rpp::mat33_assign (mat33_t &m, const real_t m00, const real_t m01, const real_t m02, const real_t m10, const real_t m11, const real_t m12, const real_t m20, const real_t m21, const real_t m22)
void rpp::mat33_clear (mat33_t &m)
void rpp::mat33_copy (mat33_t &md, const mat33_t &ms)
real_t rpp::mat33_det (const mat33_t &a)
void rpp::mat33_div (mat33_t &m, const real_t f)
void rpp::mat33_eye (mat33_t &m)
void rpp::mat33_from_double_pptr (mat33_t &mat, double **m_ptr)
void rpp::mat33_from_quat (mat33_t &m, const quat_t &q)
void rpp::mat33_inv (mat33_t &mi, const mat33_t &ma)
void rpp::mat33_mult (mat33_t &m0, const mat33_t &m1, const mat33_t &m2)
void rpp::mat33_mult (mat33_t &mr, const real_t n)
void rpp::mat33_pow2 (mat33_t &m)
void rpp::mat33_set_all_zeros (mat33_t &m)
void rpp::mat33_sub (mat33_t &mr, const mat33_t &ma, const mat33_t &mb)
void rpp::mat33_sub (mat33_t &ma, const mat33_t &mb)
real_t rpp::mat33_sum (const mat33_t &m)
void rpp::mat33_svd2 (mat33_t &u, mat33_t &s, mat33_t &v, const mat33_t &m)
void rpp::mat33_to_col_vec3 (vec3_t &c0, vec3_t &c1, vec3_t &c2, const mat33_t &m)
double ** rpp::mat33_to_double_pptr (const mat33_t &mat)
void rpp::mat33_transpose (mat33_t &t, const mat33_t m)
void rpp::normRv (vec3_t &n, const vec3_t &v)
void rpp::normRv (vec3_array &normR_v, const vec3_array &v)
void rpp::quat_mult (quat_t &q, const real_t s)
real_t rpp::quat_norm (const quat_t &q)
void rpp::scalar_array_add (scalar_array &sa, const scalar_array &sb)
void rpp::scalar_array_add (scalar_array &sa, real_t f)
void rpp::scalar_array_assign (scalar_array &sa, const real_t f, const unsigned int sz)
void rpp::scalar_array_atan2 (scalar_array &sa, const scalar_array &sb, const scalar_array &sc)
void rpp::scalar_array_clear (scalar_array &sa)
void rpp::scalar_array_div (scalar_array &sa, real_t f)
void rpp::scalar_array_div (scalar_array &sa, const scalar_array &sb)
void rpp::scalar_array_mult (scalar_array &sa, real_t f)
void rpp::scalar_array_negate (scalar_array &sa)
void rpp::scalar_array_pow (scalar_array &sa, const real_t f)
void rpp::scalar_array_sub (scalar_array &sa, real_t f)
int rpp::solve_polynomial (scalar_array &r_sol, const scalar_array &coefficients)
void rpp::vec3_add (vec3_t &va, const real_t f)
void rpp::vec3_add (vec3_t &va, const vec3_t &vb)
void rpp::vec3_add (vec3_t &va, const vec3_t &vb, const vec3_t &vc)
void rpp::vec3_array_add (vec3_array &va, const vec3_t &a)
void rpp::vec3_array_mean (vec3_t &v_mean, const vec3_array &va)
void rpp::vec3_array_mult (vec3_array &va, const scalar_array &c)
void rpp::vec3_array_mult (vec3_array &va, const mat33_t &m, const vec3_array &vb)
void rpp::vec3_array_pow2 (vec3_array &va)
void rpp::vec3_array_set (vec3_array &va, const vec3_t &a, const bool mask[3])
void rpp::vec3_array_sub (vec3_array &va, const vec3_t &a)
void rpp::vec3_array_sum (vec3_t &v_sum2, const vec3_array &va)
void rpp::vec3_array_sum (scalar_array &v_sum1, const vec3_array &va)
void rpp::vec3_assign (vec3_t &v, const real_t x, const real_t y, const real_t z)
void rpp::vec3_clear (vec3_t &v)
void rpp::vec3_copy (vec3_t &a, const vec3_t &b)
void rpp::vec3_cross (vec3_t &va, const vec3_t &vb, const vec3_t &vc)
void rpp::vec3_div (vec3_t &va, const real_t n)
void rpp::vec3_div (vec3_t &va, const vec3_t &vb)
real_t rpp::vec3_dot (const vec3_t &va, const vec3_t &vb)
void rpp::vec3_from_double_ptr (vec3_t &vec, double *v_ptr)
void rpp::vec3_mul_vec3trans (mat33_t &m, const vec3_t &va, const vec3_t &vb)
void rpp::vec3_mult (vec3_t &va, const real_t n)
void rpp::vec3_mult (vec3_t &va, const vec3_t &vb)
void rpp::vec3_mult (vec3_t &v0, const mat33_t &m1, const vec3_t &v2)
real_t rpp::vec3_norm (const vec3_t &v)
void rpp::vec3_sub (vec3_t &va, const real_t f)
void rpp::vec3_sub (vec3_t &va, const vec3_t &vb)
void rpp::vec3_sub (vec3_t &va, const vec3_t &vb, const vec3_t &vc)
real_t rpp::vec3_sum (const vec3_t &v)
double * rpp::vec3_to_double_ptr (const vec3_t &vec)
real_t rpp::vec3trans_mul_vec3 (const vec3_t &va, const vec3_t &vb)

Author(s): Markus Bader
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