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tf_eigen.h File Reference
#include "tf/transform_datatypes.h"
#include "Eigen/Core"
#include "Eigen/Geometry"
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namespace  tf


void tf::matrixEigenToTF (const Eigen::Matrix3d &e, tf::Matrix3x3 &t)
 Converts an Eigen Quaternion into a tf Matrix3x3.
void tf::matrixTFToEigen (const tf::Matrix3x3 &t, Eigen::Matrix3d &e)
 Converts a tf Matrix3x3 into an Eigen Quaternion.
void tf::poseEigenToTF (const Eigen::Affine3d &e, tf::Pose &t)
 Converts an Eigen Affine3d into a tf Transform.
void tf::poseTFToEigen (const tf::Pose &t, Eigen::Affine3d &e)
 Converts a tf Pose into an Eigen Affine3d.
void tf::quaternionEigenToTF (const Eigen::Quaterniond &e, tf::Quaternion &t)
 Converts an Eigen Quaternion into a tf Quaternion.
void tf::quaternionTFToEigen (const tf::Quaternion &t, Eigen::Quaterniond &e)
 Converts a tf Quaternion into an Eigen Quaternion.
void tf::transformEigenToTF (const Eigen::Affine3d &e, tf::Transform &t)
 Converts an Eigen Affine3d into a tf Transform.
void tf::transformTFToEigen (const tf::Transform &t, Eigen::Affine3d &e)
 Converts a tf Transform into an Eigen Affine3d.
void tf::vectorEigenToTF (const Eigen::Vector3d &e, tf::Vector3 &t)
 Converts an Eigen Vector3d into a tf Vector3.
void tf::vectorTFToEigen (const tf::Vector3 &t, Eigen::Vector3d &e)
 Converts a tf Vector3 into an Eigen Vector3d.

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