The stop_base ROS package provides a controller node for pausing and resuming robot motion by interrupting the /cmd_vel topic used by move base and other navigation components.

ROS interface


This node provides a simple service interface for interrupting the motion commands being passed to the robot base.

Subscribed topics

cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist)
Robot movement requests.

Published topics

cmd_vel_safe (geometry_msgs/Twist)
Robot movement commands passed through unmodified if the controller is in the RUNNING state, otherwise the robot is commanded to stop.
stop_base_status (bwi_msgs/StopBaseStatus)
The current status of this controller (latched topic).


stop_base (bwi_msgs/StopBaseRequest)
ROS service interface for temporarily or permanently stopping robot base motion.

There can be multiple requesters, so the current status returned in the response message may not match the original request, but that request will remain active until it can be honored.

If more than one requester sets a PAUSED status, the robot base will remain motionless until they all request RUNNING again. If any requester sets STOPPED, no further requests will be met, the status remaining permantently STOPPED.

Requester names should be sufficiently unique to avoid multiple requesters picking the same string. A reasonable choice is the ROS node name.


$ rosrun stop_base stop_base_controller

request node

This node provides a command line interface for requesting stop_base_controller state transitions.


rosrun stop_base request <status>

Where <staus> can be:

  • RUNNING, running or r
  • PAUSED, paused or p
  • STOPPED, stopped or s

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