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This package provides simulated tactile sensors for the Schunk Dextrous Hand (SDH) which is mounted on the Care-O-bot arm. The node subscribes to the Gazebo bumper topics of the SDH. It transforms the Gazebo feedback to the "tactile_data" topic to provide the same tactile sensor interface as the schunk_sdh package. The following parameters can be set: * cells_x: The number of patches on the tactile sensor in the direction perpendicular to the finger. Defaults to 6. * cells_y: The number of patches on the tactile sensor along the direction of the finger. Defaults to 14. * output_range: The maximum output value of one patch. Defaults to 3500. * sensitivity: The change of output in one patch per Newton. Defaults to 350. The sensitivity can be approximated by the following formula: S = output_range / (measurement_range * cell_area) - The measurement range of the tactile pads is 250 kPa (from the data sheet). - The output range can be determined by experiment from the real SDH. It is about 3500. - The cell area is the size of one patch. Length and width of the area are determined by dividing the length/width of the collision surface by the number of cells in the respective direction. Important: In most cases this is NOT the cell area that is given in the data sheet! * filter_length: The length of the moving average filter which smoothes the values from simulation. Defaults to 10. The node subscribes to the following topics to receive data from the simulation: * thumb_2/state * thumb_3/state * finger_12/state * finger_13/state * finger_22/state * finger_23/state The node publishes the processed data on the following topic: * tactile_data The simulated bumper must obtain the collision data in the link that the sensor is attached to. This is achieved by setting the "frameName" property in the gazebo_ros_bumper controller.

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Author(s): Sven Schneider
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