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def alternate_color
def clear_layout

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def rqt_py_common.layout_util.LayoutUtil.alternate_color (   list_widgets,
  colors_alter = [Qt.white,
) [static]
Alternate the background color of the widgets that are ordered
linearly, by the given list of colors.

Originally intended for the elements of QHBoxLayout & QVBoxLayout.

@type list_widgets: QtGui.QWidget[]
@type colors_alter: QtCore.Qt.GlobalColor[]
@param colors_alter: 1st element is used as initial/default color.
@rtype: void

@author: Isaac Saito

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Clear all items in the given layout. Currently, only the instances of
QWidgetItem get cleared (ie. QSpaceItem is ignored).

Originally taken from

:type layout: QLayout

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