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class  cpu_monitor.CPUMonitor


namespace  cpu_monitor


def cpu_monitor.check_clock_speed
 Checks clock speed from reading from CPU info.
def cpu_monitor.check_core_temps
 Check CPU core temps.
def cpu_monitor.check_ipmi
def cpu_monitor.check_memory
 Uses 'free -m' to check free memory.
def cpu_monitor.check_mpstat
def cpu_monitor.check_uptime
 Uses 'uptime' to see load average.
def cpu_monitor.get_core_temp_names
 Returns names for core temperature files Returns list of names, each name can be read like file.
def cpu_monitor.update_status_stale


string cpu_monitor.action = "store"
tuple cpu_monitor.cpu_node = CPUMonitor(hostname, options.diag_hostname)
 cpu_monitor.has_error_core_count = False
 cpu_monitor.has_warned_mpstat = False
string = "Computer name in diagnostics output (ex: 'c1')"
tuple cpu_monitor.hostname = socket.gethostname()
string cpu_monitor.metavar = "DIAG_HOSTNAME"
tuple cpu_monitor.parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage="usage: [--diag-hostname=cX]")
tuple cpu_monitor.rate = rospy.Rate(1.0)
dictionary cpu_monitor.stat_dict = { 0: 'OK', 1: 'Warning', 2: 'Error' }
int cpu_monitor.usage_old = 0
 Use mpstat to find CPU usage.

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