OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType > Member List
This is the complete list of members for OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType >, including all inherited members.
Cloud typedefOpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType >
cloud_OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType >
cloud_cb_(const CloudConstPtr &cloud)OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType > [inline]
CloudConstPtr typedefOpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType >
CloudPtr typedefOpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType >
device_id_OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType >
get()OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType > [inline]
grid_OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType >
mtx_OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType >
OpenNIVoxelGrid(const std::string &device_id="", const std::string &="z", float=0, float=5.0, float leaf_size_x=0.01, float leaf_size_y=0.01, float leaf_size_z=0.01)OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType > [inline]
run()OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType > [inline]
set(const CloudConstPtr &cloud)OpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType > [inline]
viewerOpenNIVoxelGrid< PointType >

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