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JSK Common Tools

Reboot programs according to roscore aliveness

Please use jsk_tools/ .. code-block:

rosrun jsk_tools your-awesome-program

For example,

Auto roslaunch documentation

In order to enable the launch doc generator, have to add the following to each ROS package:

  1. a rosdoc.yaml file including:
- builder: sphinx
  name: roslaunch scripts
  1. in manifest.xml:
  <rosdoc config="rosdoc.yaml" />
  1. in CMakeLists.txt:
execute_process(COMMAND cmake -E chdir ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR} python ${jsk_tools_PACKAGE_PATH}/bin/ ${PROJECT_NAME} --output_dir=. --nomakefile RESULT_VARIABLE _make_failed)
  1. Because of current ROS limitations, make sure to add the generated files inside your local repository! It seems that the servers cannot run the -builder: rosmake command to generate this file:
svn add index.rst