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NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10 Class Reference

#include <nextage-open.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int close_iob (void)=0
virtual long get_signal_period (void)=0
virtual int initializeJointAngle (const char *name, const char *option)=0
virtual int length_digital_input (void)=0
virtual int length_digital_output (void)=0
virtual int lock_iob (void)=0
virtual int number_of_substeps (void)=0
virtual int open_iob (void)=0
virtual int read_actual_angle (int id, double *angle)=0
virtual int read_actual_angles (double *angles)=0
virtual int read_calib_state (int id, int *s)=0
virtual int read_command_angle (int id, double *angle)=0
virtual int read_command_angles (double *angles)=0
virtual int read_digital_input (char *dIn)=0
virtual int read_digital_output (char *doutput)=0
virtual int read_driver_temperature (int id, unsigned char *v)=0
virtual unsigned long long read_iob_frame (void)=0
virtual int read_lock_owner (pid_t *pid)=0
virtual int read_power (double *voltage, double *current)=0
virtual int read_power_command (int id, int *com)=0
virtual int read_power_state (int id, int *s)=0
virtual int read_servo_alarm (int id, int *a)=0
virtual int read_servo_state (int id, int *s)=0
virtual int reset_body (void)=0
virtual int unlock_iob (void)=0
virtual int wait_for_iob_signal (void)=0
virtual int write_command_angle (int id, double angle)=0
virtual int write_command_angles (const double *angles)=0
virtual int write_digital_output (const char *doutput)=0
virtual int write_digital_output_with_mask (const char *doutput, const char *mask)=0
virtual int write_power_command (int id, int com)=0
virtual int write_servo (int id, int com)=0
virtual ~OpenIFv10 ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file nextage-open.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::~OpenIFv10 ( ) [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 31 of file nextage-open.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::close_iob ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual long NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::get_signal_period ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::initializeJointAngle ( const char *  name,
const char *  option 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::length_digital_input ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::length_digital_output ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::lock_iob ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::number_of_substeps ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::open_iob ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_actual_angle ( int  id,
double *  angle 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_actual_angles ( double *  angles) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_calib_state ( int  id,
int *  s 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_command_angle ( int  id,
double *  angle 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_command_angles ( double *  angles) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_digital_input ( char *  dIn) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_digital_output ( char *  doutput) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_driver_temperature ( int  id,
unsigned char *  v 
) [pure virtual]
virtual unsigned long long NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_iob_frame ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_lock_owner ( pid_t pid) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_power ( double *  voltage,
double *  current 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_power_command ( int  id,
int *  com 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_power_state ( int  id,
int *  s 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_servo_alarm ( int  id,
int *  a 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::read_servo_state ( int  id,
int *  s 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::reset_body ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::unlock_iob ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::wait_for_iob_signal ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::write_command_angle ( int  id,
double  angle 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::write_command_angles ( const double *  angles) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::write_digital_output ( const char *  doutput) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::write_digital_output_with_mask ( const char *  doutput,
const char *  mask 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::write_power_command ( int  id,
int  com 
) [pure virtual]
virtual int NEXTAGE_OPEN::OpenIFv10::write_servo ( int  id,
int  com 
) [pure virtual]

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